Friday, February 29, 2008

Fallowell and Parkin: King & Queen of cunty-cocky news

News from and about two of my dearest remote friends, the delectable, decadent Molly Parkin and then the fabulous New Zealand expert, Duncan Fallowell.

First, I get this message, apropos Duncan's fab book Going As Far As I Can, from Waterstone's in Notting Hill, following another comment by an anony-mouse that his book had sold out there - "Waterstone's Notting Hill had it, sold out, and we've now replenished, and our customers will surely enjoy the book as much as we do, too." Excellent.

Then my attention is drawn to a very good interview with Duncs - one of many globally - in the Scotsman by Lee Randall - click here. Lee sweetly informs me that "Thanks to you, I have discovered a great writer." This suggests a disposition of keen taste.

And now to Molly. She writes to me:

Darling Ma,

The current Time Out (Feb 27 - March 4) sports a perky interview with me, plus photo of charcoal sketches for my current paintings ... a cunty-cocky display plastering my studio wall in preparation for my next exhibition in July. I'll forward quotes from the gallery, pin-pointing my new direction into visual erotica instead of merely the written word.

It suits me so much better than poetic landscapes or decorative abstracts. Now I'm awash with orgy-filled canvasses, painted from personal memories of my misspent sojourn in Manhattan! Seriously good fun!

Erotica seems my natural domain. Curious that I have only just begun painting it and with such delight and freedom, too.

Bill Packer, the art critic, button-holed me last week in the Chelsea Arts Club to congratulate me on this very recent development, saying, "What the hell took you so long?"

This issue of Time Out is devoted to erotic writings, with a list of the 30 rudest writers. I am thrilled, though surprised, to be included. My 10 comic erotica tomes, written from 1972 - 83 are all long since out of print. Also they have only chosen to interview 3 of us. Myself, the lovely Sebastian Horsley, and Hanif Kureishi.

Which brings me to why I'm writing to you, because your truly inspired interviews last year is what has catapulted me into the public arena again. Have lost count of all the other media pieces since then. Truly! And I thank you for that, darling MA.


Molly's work is at the Ubox Gallery (330 Kennington Lane, London), from 4th until the 25th of July 2008. I shall write again of it nearer the time. I may host a party in Moll's honour. Ubox, click here.

Time Out's top 30 erotic writers (Moll's at 24), click here


Anonymous said...

Will Duncan Fallowell and Madam Arcati be having a baby soon?

Madame Arcati said...

Only if Molly lets me go first.

Anonymous said...

I love everything you do Molly. And how odd to find you here. What an odd place. I feel at home.

Anonymous said...

what would a Fallowell-Arcati cyberkid look like?

Anonymous said...

I don't think much of Time Out's erotica list - a bit juvenile. But then it seems to have been inspired by the Arcatis in the media in the main.

The Reverend said...

Right on, bruvver

Anonymous said...

The Arcati-Fallowell cyber-kid? Take Austin Powers and Frau Farbissina as a clue ...

Anonymous said...

Molly Parkin in Time Out: "I’d had most of Real Madrid in my bed and I’d fucked an entire rugby team on a trip to Scotland. I even used to sleep in older men’s beds when I was still a virgin. I always managed to pop an 80-year-old in [a novel] if I could. They may not be good at getting erections but they are very good at cunnilingus; you know, gums on soft tissue."

Fuckin hell

Anonymous said...

What will Madame be wearing for this party you plan to host for Molly? One of Molly's creations?

forgotten ones fund/stephmastini said...

Molly, your avant-garde persona never fails to stimulate my senses and my art..thank you..and to all the baffoons that are jealous of true art..shame on you..!