Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Ally Ross: Ta-ra, chuck

As I’ve hinted on a couple of occasions, Ally Ross, the Sun’s TV critic, has tired of the gig, and now the Guardian confirms.

I’ve often wondered, as I try to source a few of his more elliptical news-driven similes, to what extent he writes over the heads of his core target audience: so many columnists must first please their editor – in the Sun’s case, a highly educated, multi-lingual middle-class girl who seeks séances at Butlin's for audience-soul infusion – and the readers must try to keep up. Ross is perversely anti-tabloid in his reflexes, contemptuous of bimbos and himbos and barely tolerant of soaps and reality TV: you won’t find his sort writing for Inside Soap, that’s for sure. Clever people have to keep interested in their job, even on a tab; one can only hope that the interest of the punters is incidentally caught in sufficient numbers.

I suspect that if press awards were doled out by reader panels, Ross wouldn’t figure even in a commendation list: his is a far too twisted and, er, ratiocinative mind – a word that could lose you an election in a moment. I suppose in my own funny way I’m paying him a compliment.


57_varieties said...

The boy's good. I notice the Screws' relaunched mag Fabulous had a Russell Brand-penned piece that was waaay above the heads of the readers this week, too. What is happening at Wapping?

Anonymous said...

One of the few things worth reading in the currant. Now I'm left with 'Dear Deirdre' and her interestingly retro view of sex and the football cartoon.