Thursday, February 21, 2008

Perez Hilton hijacks British gossip!

Perez Hilton was on British telly this morning having attended the Brit Awards ... "Nadine from Girls Aloud wasn't there ... she's a hoot ... maybe she's going to leave the band ... and I met Amy, she didn't seem to be all there, I think she maybe on methadone or a drug substitute ... she only had one day of rehearsals because she missed the first day with Mark Ronson, she was, er, drunk ... Kylie had her own after-show party ... I love Leona Lewis and not giving her any awards was a way of punishing her because she came up from a talent show ... she could be the new Whitney Houston, she didn't do any parties ... this morning she flew to Africa for Sport Relief ... oh and Macca came up to me and said: 'Oh, you're the fella I think I've read you' ... he likes me because I always slag off Heather Mills ... I think I upset Vic Reeves because I didn't know who he is and I said I know Matt Lucas and David Walliams and he said they started out on my show ... "

The swine has just invaded the UK! He's like an American version of Vicki Pollard but makes some kind of sense, and I hate his chavvy orange hair, but he's got nice Pearl Dropped gnashers and I rather suspect he's about to get his own TV show in Blighty ... Check Into ... Perez Hilton ... and omigod he's infected me with his way of talking ...


Duralex said...

Perez is just a fat ugly douchebag with no style and no wit. He can't even write and spell properly. His popularity is beyond my understanding, but the hoï polloï get the entertainers they deserve, I guess...

Lady Bracknell said...

Of course, duralex can have an opinion. Bearing in mind that Perez was schooled in the USA, his writing and spelling is bound to be different from that which we enjoy here. There are very few typos in Perez's column.

One must point out that it is not correct to say "the hoi polloi" as "hoi polloi" means "the many".

The Bracknell Clan are off to look for some hair-colour this weekend! And some pearly-whites!

Duralex said...

<< Bearing in mind that Perez was schooled in the USA, his writing and spelling is bound to be different from that which we enjoy here. >>

I myself am aware of the differences between American and English spelling.

<< One must point out that it is not correct to say "the hoi polloi" as "hoi polloi" means "the many". >>

I can't believe Perez' fans are so anal-retentively purist !

Taking this from Webster's Dictionary of English Usage:

“When hoi polloi was used by writers who had actually been educated in Greek, it was invariably preceded by "the". Perhaps writers such as Dryden and Byron understood that English and Greek are two different languages, and that, whatever its literal meaning in Greek, hoi does not mean "the" in English. There is, in fact, no such independent word as hoi in English — there is only the term hoi polloi, which functions not as two words but as one, the sense of which is basically "commoners" or "rabble." In idiomatic English, it is no more redundant to say "the hoi polloi" than it is to say "the rabble," and most writers who use the term continue to precede it with *the* ..."

Make of this what you will, my fair lady. :-)

Anonymous said...

Gosh aren't you two tedious. ;)

Anyway, PH is really really fucking annoying.

I predict an early death (cardiac arrest).

Anonymous said...

What fun, Madame, to discuss "the hoi polloi" on your page! Someone else points out:

"I think people who make a fetish of the [the the] issue are wrongheaded, regardless of which side they’re on. There are good arguments to be made in favor in dropping it like the comparison of Alhambra or algebra, but on the other hand few people would dispute that “These are the poor people Victor Hugo called the les misérables” is laughable, as is “The German submariners are trapped in the Das Boot.” IMO “hoi polloi” is somewhere in between. I say “the”, but I acknowledge the possibility that people who don’t are just more aware of the redundancy, possibly being more familiar with Greek so it strikes them the way “the les misérables” would strike someone who knew at least some French. I don’t assume that they’re being pretentious and showing off."

In truth, the only good English has been written by the Irish. At least since Willy the Shake.

Anonymous said...

Why bother with 'hoi polloi' ? What's wrong with 'masses' or 'plebs' ?

Duralex said...

Masses, plebs, are you kidding ? This blog is the last place in the postmodern cultural trainwreck where the legacy of the ancient Greeks still has a chance to survive. Just ask Mr Fallowell. Hoï Polloï and nothing else !

Duralex said...

Talking about Perez' "perfect" spelling, taking this glowing pearl from today's entries :

"I saw a Bruno character kept under raps interviewing parents and their children about wanting to be in an upcoming commercial."

Unless "raps" is the American variant of "wraps" ? :-)

London Anthony said...

Perez Hilton is a complete tw*t. He is so abusive and rude to the people he writes about.

There is a new British Perez Hilton, he's fairly new but he's sooo much better than Perez. He's called Christopher Couture and his site is called Briti-shh.

You should check him out. Although I doubt his site will ever be as good as yours.

Madame Arcati said...

I guess I'll have to check out this pretender. Perhaps, unlike Perez, he originates a few of his own stories or noticings. One lives in hope. x