Thursday, February 07, 2008

Michael Barrymore: 'Lubbock's been kind to me'

Happy to see Michael Barrymore in Surviving Spike at the Theatre Royal Windsor. A comeback via theatre is an excellent plan, and of course he should do Twelfth Night again. More improvisation in Spike – ie unscripted responses to the audience - will compensate for the fact that there's only one Spike Milligan, dead or alive.

Inevitably, as the media have reported, Terry Lubbock was there in a “silent front row protest” though he left in the intermission, professing to be bored. After the performance, Barrymore told me that Lubbock has privately been quite kind to him, in contrast to Lubbock's public allegations that the star knows more about his son Stuart’s death than he lets on. One of the news media - Sky perhaps - suggests that Barrymore acknowledged Lubbock from the stage a number of times, but Barrymore says this is not true – he didn’t see Lubbock in the front row.

Barrymore tells me: “I asked Terry once why he’s always beating me up in the press and he replied it’s the only way to get publicity. He knows I wasn’t involved in Stuart's death. I do feel for him. I support calls for an inquest.”

Another paper, the Mirror I think, claims Julian Clary offered to meet with Lubbock on Barrymore’s behalf when it was known he was in the theatre. I find that hard to believe. Can someone confirm?

Meantime, a Barrymore blog, click here.


Anonymous said...

Yes, Madame Arcati, I can confirm that Julian Clary did contact Terry Lubbock, however on the night did not turn up. Two young friends of Mr Barrymore were despatched outside the Theatre Royal Windsor to 'Greet' Mr Lubbock. Terry Lubbock was silent throughout the performance, walking out 10 mins before the intervall. In Michael Barrymore's first meeting with Mr Lubbock, Michael Barrymore, had always maintained that the injuries to Stuart did not happen at his home. It is now clear from the second police investigation that Stuart,sustained his horrific injuries, at the address in Roydon,the difference now is that 'Prima Facia' new evidence & fact that, the injuries were of a 'Fatal Criminal' nature. In other words all now realise Stuart was indeed Murdered. A 'Wall' of 'Silence' remains.

Anonymous said...

That is not at all true - ALL do not accept that injuries happened at Michael Barrymores house. Stuart Naine believes he may have caused the injuries at the hospital himself whilst running tests. If there were such 'Fatal Criminal' injuries before Stuart arrived at the hospital, how come paramedics, nurses and all who worked on Stuart did not notice?

The truth is, you wasn't there, so how can you claim such a thing.

Anonymous said...

You may not the fact remains Stuart Lubbock suffered Fatal Criminal Injuries at the address in Roydon.

Anonymous said...

A memorial by Terry Lubbock father of Stuart Lubbock has been sent to The Attorney General requesting a new coroners inquest. This is based on new evidence & facts. Stuart Lubbock was found to have fatal criminal injuries at the address in Roydon, owned by entertainer Michael Barrymore.

Anonymous said...

Really? And its taken 7 years for someone to discover these 'fatal injuries'? So paramedics, doctors, nurses were all lying then were they?

The only people who are telling the truth are the ones that were not there?

Yeh, makes loads of sense to me.

Anonymous said...

Doctors, Nurses,& Paramedics, Why don't you add 'Pathologist's'? Its only the pathologist's & those seeing the autopsy results that would have seen the horrific internal Injuries, that's why an autopsy, takes place to establish the facts that sometimes may be hidden from the likes of Doctors,Nurses,Paramedics.

Anonymous said...

the truth will out soon.
Then the speculation can stop.