Wednesday, August 13, 2008

American Vogue not as fat as it was shock-horror

How pleasing it is to learn that the big fat waste of space called American Vogue has suffered a 7% decline in ad pages for its September issue – traditionally the fattest issue of the year. It boasts a mere 674 pages thanks to the so-called credit crunch. Surely it is time to sack Anna Wintour on the grounds of her age – nearly 60 now – and should you remind me I’m supposed to be anti-ageist may I remind you of her merciless pursuit of youth and of young staffers over the decades. She has lived by fashion long enough.

The deification of Wintour – the “glacial fashionista” – by idiotic hacks (usually female) never ceases to amaze me. She was caught recently wearing the same dress on two separate occasions in public. This was taken as a sign that the credit crunch had finally got a hold on the consumer zeitgeist. I suppose if she suddenly drops dead that will mean the Russians are coming. Fashion, after all, is the cardiograph of the international soul (quote made up for satirical purposes).

The thought of mortality (“Dear God, send me a nice thin coffin”) takes my mind to the excellent work of Scott King (alias CRASH), an ex-creative director of Sleazenation among other things. I loved his How I’d Sink American Vogue exhibition at New York gallery PS1. The cover shown here is one of his assassination attempts on the monstrous bible of fashion. The link takes you to others. Click here

by Scott King


forgotten ones fund/stephmastini said...

Madame, I am a bit bewildered and amused by this article..could you please expound on your statement "she has lived by fashion long enough"...I am a bit you mean that when you hit a certain age you aren't a slave to fashion? If that's the case, than I guess I am safe..! And I agree, but I believe that no one should live by fashion..only exception, is to make a living in fashion! what do you think? Or is that a paradox?
steph x

Madame Arcati said...

Dear Steph, The remark is a designer one, customised especially for the bug-eyed stick insect who has presided over American Vogue for nearly 20 years.

"She has lived by fashion long enough" is more a statement of hope than anything else, not a call to 60-somethings to turn slob. Wintour has dedicated her entire wretched and largely miserable life to fashion as the Pope to Roman Catholicism. Is it too much to hope, as she enters her autumn years - which in the past she has treated as leprosy (in others) - that she turns heretic and consigns her clobber and stones to the nearest skip.

If this ghastly woman would only drop the act and do something useful for a change - make a confession she is a bully, for instance - and spend the rest of her life helping others in some capacity (and I don't mean becoming an international ambassador swelling about for some fucking rich charity) how much better the world would be - and for her gnarled soul.

forgotten ones fund/stephmastini said...