Friday, August 29, 2008

Princess Diana sends an email to Victor

I suppose it’s possible that the late Princess Diana can send emails and reel off website addresses to interested correspondents. Despite death she has been in contact with Victor Zammit in Australia (BA, MA, LL.B, Ph.D, a retired attorney of the Supreme Court of New South Wales and the High Court of Australia) and she appears to be entirely au fait with dot.coms and the like.

Diana supposedly talks and writes through a medium called Andrew Russell-Davis and there are podcasts galore to listen to. The voice is testicularly deeper than Diana’s but Andrew has cultivated the slight lah-de-dah whiny lilt that is faintly redolent of Di’s speech: and a few Diana-ish “albeits” are shrewdly sprinkled about. Apparently she babbles on for hours about landmines and her sons. But when she made a rare prediction about Charles and Camilla – the public would hate them together – she got it wrong and had the grace to admit it: even in the next life, forecasts cannot be relied on.

Victor is quite persuaded by Andrew and even adopts legalese, claiming that a prima facie case has been made that Diana really is talking and writing via Andrew. Alas, not. There is not one detail in these communications that could not be culled from the archives, and it is entirely possible for someone to immerse himself in the Di literature – I mean, isn’t that what Tina Brown did for her "revelations"? To establish a prima facie case, Victor, you’d have to show that “Diana” said something unknown to the world that was subsequently proven correct by someone in-the-know. Or a correct prediction would do. What kind of lawyer are you, dearie?

For instance, could Diana probe the mysteries of Madame Arcati beyond the urban fictions on Google? Go on, Victor. Do it. I dare you. Get Diana to say something about this entity Madame Arcati. Something that will mean something to the inner me.

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