Friday, August 15, 2008

Molly Parkin: 'Are you OK, Madame?'

Molly and Sophie Parkin

Dear Madame
Mother dear wants to enquire after your health, how are you? She says you must have been ill not to have made it down to The Parkin Lot so far on a Tuesday. Hope our new sex talks might whet your appetite ... see our Daily Mail interview. All love health and joy to you, Sophie [Parkin] X

Dear Sophie
Thank you for your message which I'll put up on the site. I am very well but busy - I simply haven't found time to visit The Parkin Lot at the Green Carnation [in Greek St] yet though I have popped in at other times. How is it going? What are the clubbers like? - last time I visited I had my bottom pinched and on another occasion I watched Carole Malone laughing at a gay author describing porn that features disabled people. It's on my mobile phone, her cackling.
Love and kisses to Molly and you. MAx
PS -Click The Green Carnation

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