Saturday, August 16, 2008

Roland White of Atticus writes ...

Dear Madame A
I plead not guilty to theft. A Sunday Times colleague tipped me off about the "browner" line after seeing it on Miliband's website.
Sorry to disappoint.
All the best
Roland White
(Atticus, Sunday Times)

Dear Roland
Thank you for setting the record straight and of course I believe you. Now, who is this colleague? Perhaps he or she spotted my little joke first? You can't get the staff these days, y'know. Send me his or her horoscope: I'll soon get to the truth.


PreacherMan said...

Doesn't surprise me - Roland NEVER gets his own stories. He is not a proper jounralist see, just some little jumped up home counties twat wth a wonky face who uses up stories that miss the cut of the paper's (shite) news list.

Madame Arcati said...

Poor Roland - does he have a wonky face? The very idea brings out my uterine side and I want to cradle his poppet head in my bosom, such as it is. I really don't like to publish such abuse, but given that the Antichrist Putin is on the rampage, it is imcumbent on all of us in the Free World to encourage self-expression from all-comers, even if they cast aspersions on the dimensions (or shape) of an honest hack's visage. But shame on you!