Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mark Frith calls Arcati a 'complete fantasist'. I'm sooooooo hurt

Some time back I reported that the then editor of Heat, Mark Frith, was off to edit Mojo. He wasn't as it turned out but he did leave Heat not long afterwards - so I was right to think he was on the move. I got the story via an eavesdropper on two company suits who were discussing Frith's future. I am now reading Frith's highly enjoyable The Celeb Diaries, and since he has gone to the bother of name-checking Madame Arcati apropos this tale - calling me a "fantasist" - I'll quote him a bit:

“Utterly wrong … As well as being nonsense the story is unfair on Phil [Alexander] – he’s an excellent editor and the last thing he needs is some story undermining his leadership… After the nightmare of the past few weeks [the “Harvey wants to eat me” sticker] it’s nice to know that someone thinks I’m in demand. Even if they are – on this occasion – a complete fantasist."

I do recommend his book - Mark's not just a handsome hunk with a sharp sense of editorial, er, biodiversity, I really do think he can become the TV star he wishes to be. Click here to order a copy of The Celeb Diaries: The Sensational Inside Story of the Celebrity Decade. It'll make you cream.

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