Sunday, January 17, 2010

Suzanne Moore for editor: She's Independent, are you?

Make this woman the new editor of the Independent and stop pissing about.

She's a liberal-leftist icon and she makes lots of money from Lord Rothermere by offending him every week in one of his own newspapers. She's proof you don't have to become a rightwing 'mare to coin it in journalism.

And she's no Labour lapdog. When last year the New Statesman made Alastair Campbell guest-editor she resigned from the magazine on highly publicised principle. How could a publication which opposed the Iraq invasion get cuddlesome with one of the war's chief mongers? She's of the left but no apparatchik. Just what we need as virtually every British newspaper right now takes dictation from Andy Coulson.

She's indie down to her legendary fuck-me shoes. She is Madame Arcati's most interesting choice.

Her name is Suzanne Moore. Google her.

(Meanwhile, Rod Liddle's skin colour problem)


Anonymous said...

She'd just swan off every time she fell out with Lebedev. You have to be very tough to be an editor. As a writer she can afford to behave like a kid.

Ron Broxted said...

I was filled with fread when I thought a Feminazi might be Boss. Dorogaya Gospodina Arkati, Now I think Suzanne is the correct choice. Ya nye znayu o chom Rod Liddle and Monckton, that is posh totty as you angliski say. Compare The Mistress dot com is Simples! Obnimay i tseluku

Anonymous said...

Both are fucking idiots who really need a big time reality check. Neither is suitably qualified, all those who defend Suzanne hate Liddle and vice versa. Lebedev is too shrewd, just as he picked Gorgeous Geordie for the stewardship of the Standard, he'll pick someone fragrant, not smelling of horse manure / alcohol for his Independentski. My personal experience of Suzanne is that she is flaky and while she may have good shoes, she is weird and moody and would piss off a lot of people. Riddle is a case of what you see is what you get.

Wilhelm Shatner said...

I like her Gene Simmons hairstyle - that's a rare bit of wit. Otherwise I'm underwhelmed by the thought of a Glenda Slagg in control of a paper. As for Liddle, well, ye gods! It's like choosing between cockroaches for a kitchen you don't intend to use.