Sunday, March 27, 2011

Remembering Paul Foot and 'Lockerbie's dirty secret'

While Britain, America, France and other mighty nations play space invader games over the Libyan Desert, nudge-winkingly plotting the overthrow of the unloved Gaddafi, my mind keeps turning back to Private Eye's late and celebrated investigative reporter Paul Foot and his well-argued alternative view of the Lockerbie atrocity.

In 2004 he wrote in The Guardian: 'The Lockerbie bombing was carried out not by Libyans at all but by terrorists based in Syria and hired by Iran to avenge the shooting down in the summer of 1988 of an Iranian civil airliner by a US warship.'

This was the British government's view until 1989 when Mrs Thatcher received a call from President Bush (Snr). Foot continues:  'In 1989 British and US armed forces prepared for an attack on Saddam Hussein's occupying forces in Kuwait. Their coalition desperately needed troops from an Arab country. These were supplied by Syria, which promptly dropped out of the frame of Lockerbie suspects. Libya, not Syria or Iran, mysteriously became the suspect country, and in 1991 the US drew up an indictment against two Libyan suspects. The indictment was based on the "evidence" of a Libyan "defector", handsomely paid by the CIA. His story was such a fantastic farrago of lies and fantasies that it was thrown out by the Scottish judges.

'In Britain, meanwhile, Thatcher, John Major and Blair obstinately turned down the bereaved families' requests for a full public inquiry into the worst mass murder in British history.

'It follows from this explanation that Megrahi is innocent of the Lockerbie bombing and his conviction is the last in the long line of British judges' miscarriages of criminal justice.'

Now, this may all be lunatic nonsense for all I know. Or may be not. Whatever the truth, I'm more inclined to reconsider Foot's work and conclusions than to listen to the appalling and mindless propaganda currently churned out by the mainstream media in its glamorous and euphemistic coverage of the bombardment of Libya.

To read Foot's Guardian piece, click here.


Frank Duggan said...

So you are now inclined to reconsider Foot's opinion. Dont you feel that you were misinformed since he wrote this nonsense in 2004?

Madame Arcati said...

What has 2004 got to do with Foot's argument? Taking your script from newspaper editorials, are we?

Rolfe said...

Misinformed!! Frank Duggan, of all people, suggests someone else might be misinformed about Lockerbie? The same Frank Duggan as can't even get the simplest facts right about the case, even though he's employed to have these facts at his fingertips?

How many statements did Tony Gauci give, Frank? How many nationalities were represented among the Lockerbie victims? What do these two questions have to do with each other?

Nothing at all, that's the answer. Tony Gauci gave his 21+ statements to the Lockerbie investigating team, mostly to the Scottish police. He was not interviewed about the matter separately by representatives of each country that lost a citizen.

And that's just the most egregious of Frank's misinformation about the case.

The more you look at the evidence presented to Camp Zeist, the more obvious it is that the bomb was never anywhere near Malta, never travelled on KM180, and was actually smuggled into a baggage container at Heathrow airport. The more obvious it is that whoever bought these clothes from Tony Gauci, it was not Megrahi.

Which of course adds up to Megrahi not being guilty as charged.

Is this the only case in legal history where you only have to read the prosecution case, and the terms of the guilty verdict, to see quite clearly that the accused didn't do it?

Who is so keen to keep Megrahi labelled as "the Lockerbie bomber" in the teeth of the evidence? Who has a vested interest in protecting the real killers of these 270 victims?

Who is paying Frank to be "spokesman" for the families of the victims, of which he is not one?

Anonymous said...

Uh, Actually it was the CIA.

I do have inside info on this one...Why?

I guess in case an instant reason was needed for doing something to Libya. Also for some useful fear-creation. ( An essential prerequisite for the advent of martial law)
If you don't believe we now have it you could try taking a 1'500 mile drive along the US/ Mexican border as I just did.

It was exactly like Nazi Germany prior to WW11. ( I was there too)