Saturday, March 26, 2011

Free Lady horoscopes; and Molly Parkin on Elizabeth Taylor

If you're keen to sample my The Lady horoscopic wares for nothing then click here for the period starting March 29. Follow my prescriptions and you can't go far wrong.

The magazine's Elizabeth Taylor cover reminds me that my permanent fiancee Molly Parkin writes vividly about the late screen goddess in her memoirs Welcome To Mollywood. In the chapter 'The Elizabethan Age' Molly explores the fateful lockstep of their two lives based on certain similarities: 'Both beautiful, high-achieving, talented, foul-mouthed, alcoholic, over-eating, artistic, fag-hag, sex sirens,' she writes.

Moll describes herself as the 'Woolworth Edition of Elizabeth Taylor' and brings to vivid life the intimate power of Hollywood iconography: how super-celebrity can impact on the personal. 

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