Saturday, April 16, 2011

Jonathan King: Second movie Me Me Me out in May

Me himself
The ever-productive Jonathan King (yes, him; get over it) releases his second movie on May 5.

It's called Me Me Me and is not ostensibly a sequel to his glorious Vile Pervert: The Musical - my movie of the year 2008. A video from the slick new flick featuring a female trio fast approaches 100,000 hits in one week on YouTube - I do like their catchy song Don't Let Him Touch You, which I take to be a welcome homily to save one's cherry for the right bastard.

You can buy it on iTunes now. Details of where you can view the film for zilch in its entirety will be given in May.

Meantime, view the video below. Click screen once.


The late Richard Stott said...

Worth listening to someone called Joe Fratello from the film. He has a great voice and face.

Ciaran Rehill said...

Filmed in Essex, Gawd those gals are mingers. J King typified the worst in humanity - every homophobe nodding "Ah, yes underage boys." Why send him to jail? Acres of bum and cock, like sending me to Vagina Central.

Anonymous said...

The Lady and now J King. I can't keep up.

Anonymous said...

What are the other criminals / socialites in the coterie doing? Heard Farah is up the duff, Molly has yet another version of her tawdry book coming out and Gavin "the Cock" is shagging some Indian gangster.

Do keep up.

Madame Arcati said...

I find your use of the vernacular perfectly common.