Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Prison union leader Colin Moses tells Farah Damji: 'New Labour sold me out'

Colin Moses
The New Statesman's guest-hiring of (not quite) socialite-socialist Jemima Khan has sparked quite a fashion in serious periodical-land.

Tribune - the leftie mag I thought had expired yonks ago - has importuned another (not quite) socialite-socialist (ret'd) to take over where the marketing budget left off. Step forward Farah Damji whose work occupies the centre pages of the latest issue - an interview with the outgoing National Chairman of the Prison Officers' Association (POA), Colin Moses; described as the 'only the second black UK Trade Union leader.'

Moses is a vitriolic critic of the government's plan to turn our jails into privately run cash cows. But it is New Labour that comes in for his most caustic criticism: he blames the party for birthing the 'punishment for profit' policy. And in opposition, Labour still shows no interest in listening to the little people of the prison service, he claims.

'Sadiq Khan, [Labour's] Shadow Justice Minister, does not take on board the views of the working man on the front line,' Damji paraphrases. '[Moses] voted for Ed Miliband but dismisses his New Labour inner circle; and says the party in opposition is suffering from an identity crisis.'

Moses feels 'sold out by New Labour, who fully supported every court action against the POA regarding the lawfulness of their members to strike.' Ironically, 'he enjoys a better relationship with the ConDems - “They are good to me," he says. "I have set out my stall and we know where we stand.” John McDonald is cited as an example of an honest player.'
Farah Damji

Damji continues: 'It’s not only Tony Blair and John Reid who come under fire for selling out the public sector, [Moses] similarly storms at Jack Straw and John Prescott for opening 11 private prisons and reneging on election promises to the POA, a naturally conservative union, of allowing free strikes whilst wooing them for the Labour vote in 1997.'

Still, it's not all good news for the Tories. David Cameron is dismissed for lacking 'gravitas'.

From May, Moses will have more time to spend on his memoirs. And I understand Farah Damji, whose own prison experiences could be invaluable as a form of method-writing, will be his co-author.

Sadly, Moses' interview is not online. But here's Tribune's link anyway.


Anonymous said...

Just what is the link between Madame Arcati and mercurial fraudster Damji?

Madame Arcati said...

We enjoy remote frottage via Pluto. Never met the gal.

The late Arline Usden said...

Jonathan King, Farah Damji, The Lady. I need to sit down. It's all too much and improbable.

Rumpole QC said...

It will be interesting to see if this 'interview' comes as a surprise to Mr Moses.

Not The New Statesman said...

Not only did Farah tape record the interview, she also took along her friend Pete Sawyer, ex-Mail on Sunday and Punch magazine journalist to witness it. Furthermore, Colin Moses is delighted with the article, he stated earlier this week, he is delighted to offer writers such as Erwin James, who interviewed him for the Guardian website and Farah a platform, because they represent his views accurately and without an agenda.
So, Dominic, Pres.H.airse, Will.I.Ams ,Tristan, go back into your little ugly coven and DO one.

GreenGoddess said...

The truth will out soon. And not in Havana.

Green Goddess said...

Oh fuck off. Lot of you. Cunts.
Darling MA, I love you.

Tom Robson said...

Moses was and is a babling idiot!