Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hugh Grant, the former Screws hack and the haunted pub in Dover

The Castle Inn, Dover
It's certainly the most delicious media story of the year (to date). A major British actor bugs the hack who once bugged him. Their topic of conversation: illegal phone hacking. Part of the transcript of Hugh Grant's highly revealing taped conversation with former News of the World whistle-blower Paul McMullan is now online at the New Statesman website: click here.

Priceless nuggets include Andy Coulson's alleged complicity in phone hacking, the PM's unhealthy proximity to Rupert Murdoch moll Rebekah Brooks (who, as one witty Arcatiste has pointed out to me, looks more like Robert Plant every day) and how Murdoch wickedly plays his multi-media games with celebrity pawns - the Nicole Kidman/Moulin Rouge! tale is a thing of beauty.

Grant travelled to the Dover pub/hotel McMullan runs, The Castle Inn, where all was revealed; and he generously encourages readers to pay the establishment a visit. It sits on the corner of Dolphin Lane and Russell Street. Click here to read about the colourful history of the 18th century coaching inn: it is of course haunted, and the medium Derek Acorah will want to know about the 'creaks, icy blasts and apparitions' should he ever be called in for a spot of exorcism.

I only mention all this because I want to see Mr McMullan safe and secure in his new business, out of harm's way and solvent. He is a very important source for future scholars of the worst scandal ever to hit British newspapers. Long may he thrive.


Ciaran Rehill said...

Have you ever BEEN to Dover? I am from Deptford and even I look down on Dover.

Madame Arcati said...

I tend to speed through Dover aboard a train. It would never occur to me stop and stare. But for the Castle Inn, I may consider it. The honeymoon suite is recommended apparently.

Anonymous said...

It's strange how none of the Murdoch papers have pot round to reporting this.

Bowleserised said...

Anonymous – it's not just the Murdoch papers, it's everyone. Only 5 results coming up on Google News.

Madame Arcati said...

I know, but at least many many people are the wiser thanks to Hugh and Jemima; and the hordes may wonder why their paper is censoring the news. Revolution is drip-drip.