Monday, April 11, 2011

Eulogy magazine enjoys a second coming!

Magazine's first and last ssue
Delighted by the news that 'the world's first death magazine' is staging a resurrection. Eulogy was published last summer but appeared to die after its very first issue. A rumour grew that certain persons behind the title imagined that writers get up in the morning and say to themselves: 'Who can I give something for nothing to today?' I say no more, suffice that I was paid handsomely by the title for my two pieces after only a minimum of energy expenditure post-publication.

Its personable and clever editor Alfred Tong has probably suffered many a long night since the first launch and subsequent travails; but here he is, back again, with a wonderful new website. His editor's letter chronicles a rites of passage that promises a most fascinating auto-biography if he can resist the atheistic allure of Dignitas at the slightest twinge or headache. He strikes me as being a tough and enterprising cookie who learns fast. So good luck to the poppet.

I don't think the magazine will reappear in the shops. The website is its new corporeal casing; sensible in my view. Eulogy sets out to be a forum for bereavement and end-of-life organisations and charities as well as an inspiration, a place for mortal anecdote and perhaps a death market analyst. No more ideas of 'coffin-shaped magazines', plainly.

I am only sorry that the one and only issue of Eulogy, which had my permanent fiancee Molly Parkin on the cover, is consigned to a bin in the opening illustration. It was a good cover; the issue had some fine content: I understand the symbolism but Molly wasn't to blame for a crap management.

To view the new Eulogy website, click here.


Anonymous said...

To whom do I address my long overdue bill?

Lavinia said...

Oh no, not again!

Madame Arcati said...

The case for reincarnation, Lavinia.

G Reaper said...

What is the impetus of Eulogy without a magazine? Why would anyone go to it on a regular basis? It's not as if any of us must face death on a daily basis. I don't get Eulogy a all.

Anonymous said...

madame is becoming predictable and safe..... how about 'big upping' some of Britains rising talent/talentless gobshites.
Nothing makes me laugh harder than some art college fucker thinking they reinvented the wheel.
Parade the freaks madame.

Madame Arcati said...

Madame 'safe'? I am scandalised, slightly faint. There's nothing safe about death mags; take my word for it.

Do you have a particular untalented gobshite in mind? There are so many who fit this description that it might be a mercy to allow an entire herd to pass unmolested.

I'd rather deal with certain TV professors who think it compulsory to peddle atheism on the public purse just because they've read a cunting textbook. But I notice that many of my readers go quiet when I mention the likes of Brian Coxy perhaps because they too are bone-idle culture grazers who'd rather end up at Dignitas than get their hands bloodied.

Just saying.

Anonymous said...

I am happy for people to beleive and not believe in God. It's when they start getting all shouty and preachy thats when I turn off.
The 'clever' default mindset of the media in Albion is to laugh at peoples religious beliefs, unless they follow the 'religion of peace'....then you should show the utmost respect. A trendy comedian who epitomises this minset is that tool richard herring.

Madame Arcati said...

Herring is a silly name which I happily condemn.