Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Vogue keeps up Asma al-Assad interview as Syria burns

While the Syrian government massacres its revolting peasants, I see that US Vogue has still yet to take down its recent ghastly and fawning interview with Asma al-Assad, Syria's 'dynamic first lady' who is on a 'mission to create a beacon of culture and secularism.' She should import the BBC's resident proselytising atheist Prof Brian Cox to help her out.

'Syria is known as the safest country in the Middle East,' writes the unpsychic author Joan Juliet Buck. It is 'a place without bombings, unrest, or kidnappings.' Joanie makes a big thing of the secularism as if it's some sort of bar to state persecution and murder. I assume she never majored in history.

It seems odd that a magazine so supposedly in touch with the zeitgeist is deaf to Obama's condemnation of Syria. To read the shameful piece click here.


Farah said...

You know nothing. and syria is not burnign..kee believing what u see on TV.. perhaps that built u reality suits you!

Madame Arcati said...

Pro-government are we? Well, that's your right.

Madame Arcati said...

Oh, nearly forgot: https://secure.avaaz.org/en/syria_stand_with_the_protesters_2/?cl=1051817310&v=9027

Anonymous said...

I just wish to say to Farah that you are either lying, insane or simply an idiot. As if you do not believe what is on TV, in press, on the net, and what people say...then you should see a psyciatrist soon..before it is too late

Anonymous said...

Dear Madame
re: Vogue piece on Syrian "Queen"
the link provided has been taken down by Vogue...at last.

Do u know where I may read the article?


Madame Arcati said...

I have no idea, unless someone has kept a copy and put it up on their site. The piece was taken down only sometime after the start of the present riots and massacres in Syria - which leads me to wonder at the state of mind at US Vogue. Do they ALL wear shades?

FlyingDutchman said...

Looked for the article as well - there is a kind of copy at http://www.presidentassad.net/ASMA_AL_ASSAD/Asma_Al_Assad_News_2011/Asma_Assad_Vogue_February_2011.htm

FlyingDutchman said...

A late comment, but I found a kinf of copy of the infamous article at http://www.presidentassad.net/ASMA_AL_ASSAD/Asma_Al_Assad_News_2011/Asma_Assad_Vogue_February_2011.htm