Thursday, April 21, 2011

Welcome To Mollywood: The Parkin Lot returns, new paintings, a BBC documentary

The Parkin Lot 'multi-generational disco' is making a one-off comeback on April 27 (8pm to midnight) at London's RED Gallery.

Molly Parkin, daughter Sophie and her daughter Carson host the event, a hark back to their weekly stints at Soho's Green Carnation in the Noughties. Then, Madame Arcati would pull faces at the hideous 60s music before bullying Welsh Spaniard Roberto on the decks to play current remixes off YouTube (history is how you re-write it....).

But that's not all. Kicking off the Welcome To Mollywood event, Molly unveils her new paintings from 6.30pm and then later will give a talk about her peculiarly erratic and erotic life, 7.30-8pm.

The whole evening is being filmed as part of a BBC documentary on Molly.

For venue details RSVP:

PS Molly is stranded on Radio 4's Desert Island Discs in late April/early May.


veritas said...

Do post a link when the BBC program is broadcast so us ex-pats can watch the show about your permanent fiancee on iplayer. Will you feature ?

Madame Arcati said...

Yes of course. And on my new site