Thursday, May 26, 2011

Molly Parkin - Great Lives show scheduled on BBC One Wales

Followers of my permanent fiancee Molly Parkin should know that BBC One Wales broadcasts a bio of her next Monday, May 30.

Great Lives: Molly Parkin is presented by former Minister of Culture, Kim Howells, and includes contributions from many other living legends such as Steve Strange (running a B&B in Wales I believe), Andrew Logan, Madame Arcati (minus her normal costume) and others.

I'm hoping they run the show on iPlayer; and if you have Sky, look out for it there. More details here.

I believe a longer version of the show is being prepared. And I've advised the director of the above, Robert Chilcott, to put out a nine hour DVD of Moll's peregrinations, including our visit to Croatia in 2009.

Robert must have 100 miles of footage. Think The Only Way is Essex, Roberto!

PS - Robert has sent me the complete list of contributors to the show:

Victor Olliver
Irma Kurtz
Barbara Hulanicki
Ian Shaw
Darren Coffield
Malcolm Hart
Judy Strafford (art school friend)
Manolo Blahnik
Michael Horowitz
Steve Strange
Stuart Lyon (Mollys former agent)


HOBAC said...

Finally, something worth watching.

Anonymous said...

I see it's half an hour. Pointless length.