Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Nesta Wyn Ellis completes memoirs: Will she name all the names?

Nesta Wyn Ellis
I learn that Nesta Wyn Ellis, the exotic biographer of former PM John Major, has just completed her memoirs. The worlds of politics, pop music, journalism and even national security may shudder at the news.

And nude and semi-nude photos of the author are likely to be included for rest periods between revelations.

Paris-based Nesta has lived - and still lives - a life of fantastic variety. Her foray into Westminster life as a one-time Liberal Party candidate brought her into close cross-party contact with many a political luminary and she made one or two enemies along the way. Edwina Currie appears not to be a fan and I'm sure can look forward to the kind of warts 'n' all treatment she subjected her former lover Major to in her memoirs.

And speaking of Major, I believe Nesta will shed more light on his past marital difficulties. It was once rumoured, back in the early 90s, that the then PM and she became emotionally entangled while holed up together at Number 10 in long, exploratory interviews. And so I shall be most intrigued to discover the truth.

Nesta's last book, Lord of Love, the biography of Lord Bath, created quite a stir in 2010, not least among his fractious wifelets at Longleat. In earlier years, her infamous novel, The Banker's Daughter - retitled 'The Bonker's Daughter' by wits at Westminster -  seemed to borrow considerably from life.

I understand Nesta won't be naming all the names in her new book so I guess a national guessing game may commence.  Prepare for lots of blacked out silhouette photos in the tabloids.

The Major book, which revealed that wife Norma sometimes threw crockery at him, brought Nesta national fame. She appeared on Wogan, where she described Major as a 'flake', and was a fixture on newspaper front pages - usually in buxom poses. Her Mayfair home became a welcome posting for journalists seeking great value quotes.

In recent years Nesta has entertained Paris as a nightclub singer of chansons - indeed, for a flavour of her lilting voice go to her delightful website, click here.


Anonymous said...

You don't say who's publishing Nesta's book.

Madame Arcati said...

Her memoirs are not with a publisher right now. One is being sought.

Anonymous said...

According to her astrologer, she's waiting for the planets to clear up. Not a good moment right now. After July 15th, a window could be opened. In fact she's still tweaking the oeuvre, especially one bombshell chapter that may cause shock waves.

Madame Arcati said...

You must tell me ....