Saturday, May 05, 2012

Boris Johnson wins - and I told you so

On February 23 2012 I forecast that Boris Johnson would win the London mayoral race - just about. I also forecast that Ken Livingstone would not disgrace himself. To read the astrological analysis, click here.


Anonymous said...

After several hours over the astrological charts, I forecast there will be rain before August 1st 2012. Just you wait and see

Madame Arcati said...

That's right keep that textbook mind closed.

Anonymous said...

Ey up, lass

Christian said...

Here's a not quite textbook mind that would like to know how London is Gemini? It's pre-Roman for Christ's sake (and I guess I'm arguing on his behalf here). Who put down their first foothold by the estuary to give it a birth date? Or do you have a hotline to the date of Creation?

I'm all for "signs and seasons" but this is going way too far. And, a touch separately, if you go in for signs and seasons, and condemn atheists for not understanding that theirs is a belief too, then you should go the whole hog. Should you not? It's not a pinnacle I can sit on so I'd love to know how you manage it.

Without being too Charles Moore about it, my suspicion is that it will just be an excuse in the end. Something that allows you supremacy over your values. Something that leaves you in charge.

But I'm happy to put you to the test, at least retrospectively. Try 21 Nov '61 at about 9.10am - whatever was the time of the first operation in whatever the hospital was in Pentonville then - probably the Royal London. I'll hope I'm not asking to raise Samuel from the grave and, though I'm sure I am, breaking the laws against some sort of mancy. (When put like that, it does sound awfully like peddling.) But post it here and I, perhaps alone, shall be fascinated to see it and will respond. Even if it is in public.

Incidentally, I followed the link to April Ashley's biog which was enjoyable. It was good but I wish it could have been done better. There were threads that should and could have been followed. It is not that well structured and I thought there were points where I thought DFR lost track of what was going on. Not an absolutely full command of the subject would be my view. The shame is that it is unlikely to be a place that will again be revisited as comprehensively as he intended to do. But it was charming nonetheless, in spite of Satan reaping his due, horribly frequently.

As for Boris, who cannot like him? But he is a sloppy thinker. Perfectly clever enough to have taken a First, and perhaps even above that in some ways, but somehow too splashy to really examine things. He was destined for a First, and they were desperate to give him one, but they couldn't do it with all conscience. In power? If Rachel says he is incorruptible, then I'll side with her.

But none of that gets you off the hook of this charlatanery. C

Madame Arcati said...

My Dear Christian,

Whatever else you may be, shrewd you are not. A shrewd reader of this blog will have deduced by now that no one puts me to any test, certainly not some clot who doesn't know the first thing about astrology.

If the subject of astrology interests you (which I seriously doubt) then familiarise yourself with the subject. Then, armed with actual knowledge as opposed to self-empowering prejudice, you can ask me the right questions, not wrong ones.

As for the rest of your diatribe, who am I to disagree with someone so plainly infallible in his judgements?