Monday, May 07, 2012

George Galloway: A poltergeist and the phantom 'Arab prince'

I first heard of George Galloway's upcoming cameo in movie The Enfield Poltergeist last year. That supposed supernatural activity was witnessed in a council house in a very common part of the UK presents no political embarrassment to one of my favourite politicians. The British film is produced by his son-in-law Jay Stewart and is due for release in autumn 2013. For more info, the flick has a Facebook page here.

Btw, The Lady magazine runs a very interesting interview with George, click here. In it he reveals the identity of the man (described by the News of the World as an 'Arab prince') who accompanied him on a now notorious visit to Cuba. In fact the 'Arab prince' was New Labour minister Shahid Malik. Lord Leveson please take note.

In the video below, George introduces us to the true-tale horror recounted in The Enfield Poltergeist.

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Anonymous said...

He is the Oswald Mosley of our day