Sunday, May 13, 2012

Warning: The Sun's Fabulous Travel Hairdryer could ELECTROCUTE YOU TO DEATH

PRODUCT RECALL! First off I thought The Sun itself was being recalled on the grounds that it might electrocute you to death, or something. Then, as last night cleared away, I realised it wasn't the paper itself that might electrocute you to death, but its pink 'Fabulous Travel Hairdryer' gift. 

So that even if Rebekah Brooks' explosive hairstyle alone might not dissuade you from ever reading a Murdoch newspaper again, its hairdryer could be the agency of your frazzled, sizzling, smokin' (and permanent) disengagement.

Then I remembered Private Eye going on about The Sun's pink Fabulous Travel Hairdryer. It reported that this appliance had first attempted to give itself away with the News of the World's Fabulous magazine supplement earlier this year. Alas, Rupert - giving no thought to the wet-haired traveller - had then suddenly closed down the paper without much notice; and the Fabulous Travel Hairdryer giveaway was no more. Then (Too many thens! - ed), the offer was resurrected lately because Fabulous (the mag), which squatted at The Sun for a few weeks (on Saturdays), had moved back to its Sunday gig, now as The Sun's supplement.

Perfect time to whip out the pink travel hairdryer giveaway and empty the warehouse which requires rent payment. 

And now the PRODUCT RECALL! It seems that the appliance could ELECTROCUTE YOU TO DEATH. So, please, return it, if you are not already dead. Click here.

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