Friday, May 11, 2012

Rebekah Brooks: Vanity Fair's rapid, elegant revenge

Rebekah Brooks at Leveson
Selective amnesia and photographic recall aside, Rebekah Brooks' stint in the forensic chair at Leveson drew attention to Vanity Fair - and how a report it ran back in February, on her mysterious rise to power and her reported peacemaker role between Rupert and James Murdoch as Hackgate kicked in, was (she said) a load of cobblers. Or words to that effect.

I must commend the glossy for its slickly lethal response to Brooks' dismissal of its credibility (and marketing opportunism). It has put up a short report on proceedings at the Royal Courts of Justice with a transcript of her denial that she ever played Kissinger between king and heir. The writer is amused by Brooks' 'white Peter Pan collar' and an evocation of 'Winona Ryder's court costume as imagined by Tim Burton.' Others have likened Rebekah's appearance to one of the Salem witches,

Whatever else Brooks' fate, fashion death has been pronounced.

The magazine has also helpfully included a link to its February report 'Untangling Rebekah Brooks'. The words salt and wound come to mind. Perhaps less endearing is the magazine's patronising invitation to watch a video of Brooks' display of selective amnesia and photographic recall - it's 'all quite entertainingly British.' Doncha know.

Vanity Fair Leveson/Brooks revenge report, click here

Vanity Fair: Untangling Rebekah Brooks, click here


Anonymous said...

When's that slag RB going to be incarcerated that's what I'd like to know?

DRF said...

Did I hear right? That the Prime Minister, David Cameron, sent a supportive message to Rebekah Brooks at the height of the phone-hacking scandal? If so, it is such a spectacular act of folly that I've lost all faith in sanity at No 10. And yet the media seem not to be making much of it, concentrating on Jeremy Hunt instead. Hunt is of minor importance in comparison to what the Prime Minister seemingly has done. Please tell me, Madame, that I was hearing incorrectly re Cameron.

With best wishes, Duncan Fallowell

Madame Arcati said...

I am happy to report, Duncan, that your hearing is in superb order.

DC - as we must now call Dave - advised Rebekah to keep her head up, or something like that when she resigned, before signing off with one of his LOLs (presumably).

The rot began with the appointment of Andy Coulson - DC would have known of the hacking scandal at that point and of Coulson's possible involvement. He ignored all heralds of his folly.

The UK is currently in the hands of a tinsel fool with poor judgement, a low IQ, but armed with a very expensive education to help gild the sell.


Bleedin' Murdoch said...

And please remember, Madame dearest, that Sir Tim Bell is advising Rebekah on how to conduct herself in a public place. Otherwise she might throw an ashtray at the lawyers, as she did at her news desk at The Sun on one occasion.

She is, as you would say, very common.

DRF said...

Dear Madame

So I heard right! I can't believe it - the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom pressing those buttons at EXACTLY the wrong moment! The woman was under investigation for corruption for God's sake. There's something 'autistic' going on at No 10 and I'm in despair. I voted for the man - Brown had to go - but don't see how I can again after this. Cameron is handing cans of petrol to his enemies.

With best wishes, Duncan Fallowell

Madame Arcati said...

The Sun today claims that Rebekah revealed that a charity was the source for the story about Brown's child, wrongly described as 'retarded' by Rupert when he gave evidence at Leveson. In fact she denied that a charity was the source. Ergo, I think the paper has let a pussy out of the bag.

Cameron is impetuous, arrogant and shallow. He's all tally-ho and no fox.

DRF said...

I'm afraid you have Cameron utterly wrong and this is because of your class dogma. You present him as having some kind of flair. He is none of those things you say. If he were he'd be a more successful prime minister.

Duncan Fallowell

Madame Arcati said...

Regrettably I am spot on. Every idiotic action of our PM arises from impetuosity and ignoring sensible objection. Once bent on a certain course of action he feels an inalienable right to see it through, with disastrous consequences.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Mr Cameron can have a low IQ as he has a First in PPE from Oxford. Tories now say that in an attempt to connect with the common people he is under-playing his intellectual sophistication - Janet Daley says as much in the Telegraph:

It's all getting a bit too clever for me.

Madame Arcati said...

Dear Anon, I couldn't care less where the PM got his degree from, though I'd point out that Eton customises its students for Oxbridge - just saying, now that apparently I am a class warrior.

The question of Cameron's poor judgement is my main concern. For instance the Indy on Sunday today reveals that Cameron was so determined to secure the services of Coulson that he backed down over a demand that he (Coulson) sign a confidentiality agreement.

Bear in mind that at the time of appointment, Coulson was already accused of involvement in phone hacking, which he still denies. But wouldn't a sage PM have foreseen the growing scandal, quite apart from the very idea of having a former Screws editor on the premises, with all the Murdoch hinterland?

The wise politician calculates and manoeuvres, h/she does not rush headlong without thought of consequences. In this respect Blair was a political Einstein, before Iraq tripped him up.

DRF said...

Poor judgement yes - that is becoming clear. I just don';t see impetuosity and arrogance. I see dithering and lack of confidence. Best Duncan

Madame Arcati said...

I've plunged my hands into the entrails of Cameron's horoscope. Ooh dearie dearie me.