Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bryn Phillips - the Occupy star with the X Factor

Bryn Phillips
Three years ago Madame Arcati turned Simon Cowell (that explains the sulphur fume - where's the violets nosegay?) and happened on an amazing singer-songwriter talent called Bryn Phillips. I even got to interview him - click here.

If you follow the link there's a video of him performing one of his own songs, Femme Fatale, on an out-of-tune upright piano at a Mark McGowan/Farah Damji event. Since then Bryn has taken up the Occupy cause, locked horns with the Corporation of the City of London, serenaded the cops on the steps of St Paul's, done something contentious in a Tesco (an unbooked gig, I think) and formed a new band - Bryn Phillips and the Big Society.

What I didn't see coming was his move into commercial dance/anthemic pop - love love love! Here's a fly-on-the-wall at a gig at The Elevator Gallery, featuring his last band Private Lives. The new version of Femme Fatale is a hit waiting to happen; I'm infallible in my tastes and judgement. This man's going to be big. He could end up a judge on Britain's Got Talent if he's not careful. And don't forget where you first heard all this! Plus he's a Leo. Can't fail.

Interview with Bryn in La Bouche Zine, click here.


Louis said...

Oh dear, 'Madame' in love again. Watch out Bryn! What's that strange thing Bryn does with his eyes. Simon C would hate that. I think. But, no. Great talent.

Anonymous said...

Looks a right diva