Thursday, January 18, 2018

Kevin Spacey's ex-sister-in-law: Part 2

Stephanie has written a further response to the Randy Fowler interview on this site - the letter is unedited: epilogue..
I liken this to Anna Nicole's adamant refusal to reveal who the father of her child is...Pandora's box, you are correct! but what is in the box that needs to be competely emptied is my platform. From my view point, I get the dark feeling that the "anonymous" comments in this blog is Kevin speaking through them..literally. (I am not saying I know for sure, and I am only speculating that this is alledgingly a is a free speech country)

Why wouldn't he want to help his brother..make a statement and be family. This quiet violent storm has been brewing for too long (even when I was Randy's wife) and all Randy wants to do is tell the truth..he has never smeared his brother's name; so why after all these years can't he admit there was a photo of Hitler on his parents mantlepiece (I saw it) for a small but significant example.(I only bring this up to support what Randy has stated before about his childhood) and Randy is certainly not twisting the truths.)

to reiterate ..the only reason Randy, wrote this book is to exorcise other vitim's demons and perhaps be a voice for halting, possibly,potential victims. Another point I would like to add is that Randy did not want to involve his ill mother, so he waited until now to come forward (he bears no blame)...I have NEVER come forth before, but now I am saying "enough"..I too, am a victim of family abuse and it is a long road..

If Kevin acknowlged that his brother is on a positive crusade wouldn't his presence of support help all the female,children and yes, male victims be saved from the emotional and physical distress this disease ignites..Kevin's support(voice)could save so many. Kevin invoves himself in so many other charities, so why not stand up and support this cause that he knows first hand? I truly hope a positive connection will assimilate soon.


stephanie "steph" said...

in response to he comment... anyone out there that doesn't believe that I am who I say I am..go on Randys site and see for yourself.there is a photo of me on on the painting I renderd for Randy when we were married. I am there. I am not an imposter. I know a lot more than I have revealed, but don't find it appropriate to bait any of you. I was making a statement to all the people out there that don't believe the sincerity of Randy's story and maybe put an end to the "unusual" "bizarre" behavior of Kevin. {But he always was a bit unusual.. let's leave it at that}.I am allowed my opinion..better yet, I could post photos of Kevin and I with Randy and my daughter, or maybe with his parents?...would that satisfy yor curiousity?..All I ask is that a publisher give Randy the opportunity to help others, so that they don't have to live in silence...It would make a great screen play but if written undoubtly it would be mysteriously ignored or belittled, I speculate..If Kevin would show his face or put his name to good use to help others that have been abused, it would make a big difference. Period. Because of his NAME.who cares how a mouse must find his cheese, as long as he finds it, guess Kevin is afraid this might be a trap that will crush his anonymity..he finds it is better to say nothing to his brother and send back loving gestures(cards}..why not just keep them instead of handwriting "return to sender".what percipitated such a revengeful act? over and over...he might not want people to know that there truly is someone in his family that has a heart..or he loves all the publicity since he seems to be lacking it lately....

fanny hill said...

Look, Stephanie, it's not that anyone doubt your sincerity or Randy's, that's not the point. The point is that your personal story is none of our business, and none of Arcati's either. You've got your own reasons, certainly Mr.Spacey has got his own too, it's not for us to judge. One should not wash one's dirty linen in public. Period.

Let's talk about something else, please. :-)

Arcati said...

Dear Steph,
Take no notice of Fanny Hill. It is entirely a matter for you to decide what you wish to discuss in public. Tens of thousands of newspapers and magazines the worldover are dedicated to family rifts and battles - in general people are fascinated while pretending to be embarrassed or appalled.

If God had intended us to have a stiff upper lip he'd have given us a labial bone.

Your public request to Kevin to back Randy's cause against child abuse is entirely reasonable and I thank you for choosing Arcati as a forum. MA x

dinu said...

[in general people are fascinated while pretending to be embarrassed or appalled.]

Yeah, right. Just make a statistic with the opinions of several people who reacted (and the eloquent silence of some others) and you'll be enlightened about it.

You're really playing with fire, Arcati. This game goes so damn far that it just screams asylum. High time to stop it, now, if you still have a bit of sense left. I mean it.

Anonymous said...

< Your public request to Kevin to back Randy's cause against child abuse is entirely reasonable and I thank you for choosing Arcati as a forum. >

Exactly - he's happy to troll around Africa in support of AIDS victims with his buddy Bill Clinton, so why not support another group of vulnerable people who need his help? We might find a cure for AIDS someday, but pedophiles will always be among us. Teri Hatcher and other female celebrities have spoken out about their abusive families, now we need a high-profile male celeb to put his name to the cause. It may not be as "in" as Africa but it's equally worthy.

"steph" said...

first a response to Fanny profess that I shoudn't air my dirty laudry, yet the name Fanny Hil is synonymous with her memoirs of "pleasure"...she "aired out" more than her dirty laundry. No, this isn't a "pleasurable" subject, but someone needs to speak out..It's not going to go away...especially on the internet.Pedophilia, rape, abuse of any kind is not an enjoyable topic to discuss but it has only been of late that women and men are getting on the band wagon and telling their story. Do you have any idea what a woman has to go through just to report a rape (or man; be him gay or heterosexual?}Victims hide the truth because of fear that thy might have instigated or enticed the act.. while their life is being scutinized and torn apart...they are told they shouldn't speak out because of anything in their past..what? how does that relate to the act itself. But the laws don't protect the victims! is it to break them down and get more white collar crimes on the court docket..SO MANY VICTIMS OF ABUSE are discouraged by the law to "let it go". Oh, you let your neighbor in didn't you? yes, but, how could they know his intention was rape while their daughter lie sleeping in the next room..would you scream and have your child witness or possibly be involved also?.But "you let him in", so it's yur fault.?.these stories go on everyday and destroy families. The laws should be changed...There are men out there that are abused by women and embarassed to come forward..YES, it is horrible and we shove it under the carpet. Sweep it all away..and you wonder why there are so many drug companies making a fortune on antidepressants If I had been raped by my father, I would have been scared to death to tell anyone, because he was a well known community man. I have seen it happen so many times. So, no, I am not going to stop. I will stop when I see some money being raised for the victims who can't afford to go to court and nail these SOB's//it all trickles down if it is not stopped or talked about..that is why we need more public awareness of this pervasive problem..Victims should not be put through more abuse because they were brave enough to come forward..This is Randy's purpose, and since we did open up "pandora's box" than let's see how we can fill it wish is an outpour of celebrities to raise awareness and funding for programs..That is why I came "out"... Kevin has washed his hands of this forum. I can see a world wide awareness campaign and Kevin you CAN help your brother get the word out without revealing your personal life. if that is what you are worried about..ignorance is not bliss...Randy has not been quixotic...he IS addressing his past for practical reasons..and maybe Kevin might not like Randy, but does he like the knowledge that Randy hid his malteatment and many suffered because of it? .By not addressing his brother for years he has been holding the key that could unlock the fear of others to speak out..

Anonymous said...

Well said steph. I hope Randy gets a publisher soon.Best of luck to both of you.

I never thought Kevin had so many defenders ...or PR

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't say Kevin has defenders that much. But I do think Arcati has a huge bunch of sworn enemies clumped around her. She did her best (so to speak) for that, didn't she ?

fanny hill said...

To Steph

Since it looks like I am under attack...

First, Fanny Hill happens to be my real name. I heard about John Cleland’s libertine novel, but it’s not my fault if my parents played this little trick on me. Not their fault either : they didn’t have enough culture to know what they were doing at the time.

Second, I never said that the cause you defend is not noble and generous. I am deeply convinced it is. What embarrasses me is that your rightful arguments seem to be all mixed with resentment and bitterness, which I think is your concern and no one else’s. I don’t know your family, I don’t know your ex-brother in law (just saw him in ‘American Beauty’, very good actor, but that’s the most I can say about him so far). I don’t want to play referee in that sort of dispute, and I won’t. Moreover, I fear you’ll find very little support if you put it this way.

Third... If you really want your dream to come true (well, that is, if possible), I suggest you choose more carefully the place where you are speaking from. Probably you’re not yet aware that Arcati regularly bashes and slanders Mr. Spacey on her blog. In case you don’t believe it just read the comments below this article :

He’s not her only target, God knows, but for some obscure reason she seems to have a special ‘crush’ on him : there are many other spiteful articles and comments about Kevin on her blog, just check it out thoroughly, you’ll see. Regarding her love for humanity, just read her stunning credo here (it's in the comments):

Would you say that someone who coolly writes such things is a good person? Would you blindly entrust your honor and reputation to her? Believe me, that woman doesn’t care a damn about child abuse and the unbearable trials you’re talking about so well. She’s a predatory cyberpgossip, all she wants from you is juicy indiscretions for free, to add to her hunting trophies. She’s deliberately trying to abuse your trust.
So, if you are a well-intentioned and sincere person, as I think, maybe you could find some more honorable forum for your humanitarian crusade than this den of gossip mongers. Hell, there are lots of associations against child abuse registered on the net, and I was told you even had the great Muhammad Ali on your side!

Just one more word. From some clues I inferred that you are not very familiar with the world of the internet. It is indeed a wild jungle, filled with traps and deceiving appearances. If you want to survive, you have to be very tough and suspicious. You’ll meet all sorts of people, many of them masked and armed. Better study them carefully, and not let the evil ones take advantage of you.
Sorry if I am a bit sanctimonious, but my intentions are pure. I hope you’ll soon find inner peace and personal harmony. Good luck to you.

Arcati said...

Dear Steph,

I won't tick off all the points Fanny makes. One thing I don't think even righteous St Fanny will argue with is that Arcati has provided a forum to start a debate over a serious issue that should involve your ex-brother-in-law.

Where you take this debate is entirely up to you and Randy. But one thing's for sure: If you'd just had to rely on censorious mainstream newspapers and magazines, you'd never have got a hearing because, frankly, they're full of pre-judging Fannies who think they know what's good for us all. Thank God the days of parental editors are coming to en end.

As for my "spiteful" remarks about Spacey, here's one example (from the Nicky Haslam posting) ....

"I love Spacey, he's great. As I've said elsewhere, nothing has been said about him that is even faintly insulting. What if he is a predatory fucker? I could name half a dozen columnists who've climbed onto their present perches via an editor's cock ladder."

Robust language, but spiteful? And I will just add this point. I do not write lightly. If I say something about someone it's backed by research or fairly unimpeachable sources. So what if Spacey has male lovers? So what if I write it?

But all this is separate from the issues you've raised. And I'm honoured that you chose this site to start a public discussion.

All best MA x

Anonymous said...

Oh, madame, madame, this is pathetic. Really looks like you're losing control, my dear.

Anonymous said...

Well said Madame - just stick at it.

lou cypher said...

Quiet, my little demon. No need to go over the top. The times they are a'comin'.

Anonymous said...

Jeez, isn't this Keyzer Soze introducing 'Apocalypse now' ? I'm so scared ! :-)))

dick said...

With Lou Cypher in it, I'd say 'Angel Heart', rather.

Dinu said...

Arcati entertains us :

[I do not write lightly.]

Hell no, I'd even say you're a little heavy-handed. ;-)

[If I say something about someone it's backed by research or fairly unimpeachable sources.]

All the worst gossips and rumor-mongers give the same speech. We know what it's worth. Whether Spacey is gay or not, you're a goddamn homophobe, and that's all.