Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Orange Prize wanted Lily Cole ... not Allen. Oops!

A source at the Orange Prize thingy tells me they got in an awful mess about singer Lily Allen who has been selected as one of their 2008 literary judges - they thought she's the one who has the 10 A Levels and is reading English at Cambridge. In fact that is the model Lily Cole, but they only found that out after they`d asked the wrong Lily - who is a poppet but not at all readerly. The Oranges will deny it, of course, to avoid egg on faces. But my source is, um, impossibly impeccable.


Anonymous said...

My dear Madame,

This reminds me of the Woolworth's campaign of about five years ago when its ad agency booked "you know, that funny comedian from up north, Paul Kaye" instead of, of course, Peter Kay. The story has never been confirmed but makes a lot of sense.

Yours with best wishes -


Madame Arcati said...

I hadn't that one. Urban myth?, a true tale? Hard to tell the difference.