Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Rupert Murdoch, Beliefnet and Pet Semetry

Heart-lifting news that the Old Scrote Rupert Murdoch has bought Beliefnet, an all-in religions site that promotes spirituality (cue lots of psychic phoneline skyscraper ads).

Driven perhaps by the sad news that the late Leona Helmsley’s pooch Trouble – left $12m in her will and subsisting on $300,000 a year – has become unwell on all the rich food, I am drawn to Beliefnet’s "Inspiring Pets Who Have Passed Away" section wherein readers find their voice in loving memory.

Meet Spirit the parakeet who passed away in October 2006 in his owner’s hands, or Hershey the Cockapoo who once saved his owner husband’s life during a diabetic low. There’s Bud the cat who seems to have enjoyed a telepathic link with his owner. My favourite story is of Rosita the little Chihuahua. The owner Carol relates: “Rosita accompanied Billy [her husband] to the hospital with him, riding on his belly as he was taken to the lab, to the X-ray room, and to Nuke-med. I can only imagine how much comfort she was to him when he died; she was at the funeral, too.” Many of the pets profiled have yet to pass away or perhaps there was a change in editorial policy.

Naturally, Islam has its own sub-site – and I think we can safely predict that from now on the Old Scrote will be softening his view on Muslims. Why, it was only last year that he told The New Yorker: “We keep having to speak politically correctly about it, saying Muslims are wonderful, it’s just a tiny minority. They are not all terrorists, of course, but the frightening thing is that it is the children of those good original immigrants who are being brainwashed in big numbers."

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Liz said...

Hilarious. If you roll your cursor over the highlighted words the message “I believe God wants his children to live in peace” pops up an advert for “Huggies Dry Nites, just like real shorts for a dry and confident night’s sleep”. And swiping the cursor across the biblical verse Job 38.7 brings up “Find a job for me online” with

Best of all, a click of the cursor over “resurrection and immortality are His unconditional gift to the entire human family” connects you to Norwich Union life cover.

If the pearly gates are barred Rupe will be able to find a locksmith among the helpful ads

Anonymous said...

I hadn't heard of Beliefnet until now. It's a very interesting site and reflects well on Murdoch who I believe is a Christian.

Anonymous said...

Reading Murdoch's words on Islamic terrorists, I was struck how accurate he is - it is a fact that many youung muslims are being brainwashed by fanatics. It's not politically incorrect to state a demonstrable fact.