Friday, December 14, 2007

Nicole Kidman wins it for Celia Walden

Nicole Kidman has won "substantial"* libel damages from the UK Daily Telegraph over a baseless slur in its Celia Walden-edited Spy column on her commitment to Chanel No 5. It's all very distressing. Just when you think Celia has got a decent story at last it proves to be false. But Celia should take heart from one indisputable thought: a libel defeat in "Fleet St" is a badge of honour and invariably is followed by a promotion or offer of more lucrative employment elsewhere. It's all to do with raised profile and celebrity association. It's a blooding. A Mark Steyn column in the Telegraph once also attracted an expensive Kidman libel suit - and he's never looked back since. Celia, congratulations!

*Substantial normally means over £100,000

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