Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The X Factor scripted the cry babies

While the UK is convulsed by the Rhyd-dle fiddle on The X Factor, I learn that a lot of the weepy stuff from the finalists’ relatives (eg "I've always loved you son, there's still milk in my breasts - here, feel ..." etc) was largely scripted. “Rhydian’s gran was told they couldn’t start filming unless she was ready to get tearful and she had to bone up on the lines they gave her – all the relatives were amazingly eloquent and unfaltering. The crying was a crucial part of the show - and expected.” Fake phone-ins, fake nods – and now fake blub-fests. It’s all very disillusioning.


Duralex said...

<< Fake phone-ins, fake nods – and now fake blub-fests. >>

And fake virginity too ! ;-)

<< It’s all very disillusioning. >>

What else did you expect ? Come on, as a media person you should know the rules and the tricks of the game, shouldn't you ?

Anonymous said...

You'll be telling us next that Father Christmas doesn't exist !

96 Tears said...

You think they lip-synched?

Of course the outraged media commentators are part and parcel of the whole damn thing too. Without them, I'd be humming "Deck the halls ..." and not worrying about the price of telephone calls in Wales and Scotland. A great big sob, a thousand votes.