Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Amy Madhouse? Screws must be nuts

“Amy Madhouse” screeched a front page News of the World headline at the weekend for a story that Amy Winehouse’s daddy wants her sectioned. Yeah, of course he does. I don’t quite see why being sectioned is a sign of madness – which in tabloid-land usually means a frenzied descent into dementia accompanied by cappuccino-style lip froth (oh, and then there's the stylish straitjacket ...).

You would think that the paper’s Christian editor Colin Myler might have learned a lesson or two from colleague Rebekah Wade who regaled her Sun readership with a "Bonkers Bruno Locked Up" headline back in 2003 and was hammered by critics (and Bruno in phone calls). Journalists in the main are not the most enlightened of tribes and happily recycle playground prejudices well into old age unless interrupted by their own nervous breakdowns (quite common, actually, followed by a book, breakfast TV interviews, etc). A chastened hack is a wonderful beast.

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