Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Kacey Ainsworth's perfect eco-friendly house

British fans of EastEnders will know actress Kacey Ainsworth as wet Little Mo. And she’s in Holby Blue playing an inspector at the moment.

She and husband Darren are having an eco-friendly, orange-shaped house constructed – expected to be finished in July - and her builders, Baufritz, report: “It is the most energy efficient house we have built so far in the UK, consuming the equivalent of only 3 litres of heating oil per square metre per annum, compared to 25 litres/m² in a typical UK house." Isn’t that fascinating?

The company further reports that the house also incorporates, XUND-E, “a unique protective shielding concept, which dramatically reduces the amount of electromagnetic radiation penetrating the home which does not interfere with electronics such as cordless phones and baby monitors. The XUND-E plate ... cuts out up to 99% of all high-frequency radiation and low frequency static emissions caused by alternating currents flowing through high tension cables. Various studies throughout Europe and the world prove a definitive relation between the increase of cancer and neurological diseases and high frequency radiation and the protection from this harmful influence can also enhance sleep quality for those living in the house.”

Click here to discover other wondrous things about Kacey's carbon-friendly shelter which is biodegradable within generations if they so wish. This is the future, stop farting carbon you farters, and follow a soap star’s example.

Kacey's eco-friendly house in construction

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Anonymous said...

I think Kacey's a wonderful actor and I had no idea she's building her own eco-friendly house. She sets a good example but how much is the house costing her? By the looks of it I can't see her getting much chnage from half a million. the eco lifestyle is still very expensive.