Monday, April 21, 2008

Jonathan Isaby's Charles Kennedy joke

I learn that the Telegraph's new Guido Fawkes, Jonathan Isaby, is prone to mischief. Shortly after Ming Campbell succeeded Charles Kennedy as Lib Dem leader, Isaby - who apparently is a gifted mimic - phoned up one of Ming's run-arounds, pretending to be Kennedy. He told the grunt (in a flawless Highland Scots accent) that he would be delighted to give a speech at Ming's first party conference - a PR nightmare scenario after all the embarrassment about Kennedy's boozing. The lapdog was very polite and non-committal - you can imagine the cold sweat that may have even broken out in Ming himself - but was put out of his or her misery when Isaby phoned later to 'fess up. Good boy.

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don'teatme said...

is-oh-boy's a living legend. he rocks. and the world rocks with him.