Friday, July 25, 2008

Gordon and Andrew Brown plot UK's nuclear future

A few weeks ago I wrote that President Sarkozy's visit to the UK with his go-getting wife Carla Bruni was really about a plan to export France's nuclear reactor hardware here. The Sarkozys are the pretty face of our humming, tumoured future.

Now French company EDF (Electricit√© de France) is said to be close to buying British Energy in a partnership with Centrica for £12 billion. The British government is quietly in favour of the takeover - no doubt all those nods and winks of Gordon to Sarky have done nothing for his nervous tics.

And let us not forget, Gordon's brother Andrew is Head of Corporate Communications at EDF Energy. What a stink!

Rest assured, in this democracy we won't be asked whether we should rely on nuclear power. It'll just happen. EDF runs 58 reactors in France on 19 sites. It has already said it wants to build at least four reactors in the UK.

Meanwhile, 100 EDF workers have just been contaminated by a radioactive leak at a complex near Avignon. A "review" has been ordered.


Anonymous said...

Andrew is a very nice chap, but remember, when he ran Channel 4's politics show, Powerhouse, he could barely get his brother to appear his lobbying skills would need to have improved rather considerably.

Madame Arcati said...

Andrew doesn't require lobbying skills to persuade his doleful brother: Gordon is sold on nuclear and has made no secret of the fact. Like vivisection, nuclear power is now seen as a cool expedient. Where the waste goes, what happens to the waste over the millennia, well fuck that.

Anonymous said...

It's really quite simple, Madame. Nuclear is cleaner than carbon based fuels. As power bills rocket the political necessity to find a viable alternative will grow. A few laundering pro-nuclear features in the Sunday Times and viola! (as you would say) - people are won over.

Anonymous said...

How come Andrew Brown's Wikipedia entry and its link from Gordon Browns entry is continually deleted? It's about to happen again!