Monday, July 14, 2008

Sarah Ferguson releases Worm from captivity

I see the Duchess of York’s debut novel has been delayed until next year. What was called Hartmoor now bears the title Wingfield and was due out on September 4 this year – Amazon may want to update itself on the title at least.

As I related some time back her “co-writer” of this historical tome is the wonderfully named Laura Van Wormer whose oeuvre includes books on Dallas - a perfect qualification for working with the Ferg as she once lived in a house dubbed Southyork. On her website Laura quotes the Fergiana on their novel – “Think Jane Austen meets 24”. Mmm. Perhaps Frankenstein Revisited would be more appropriate.

Laura takes the opportunity to explain to her public that her other books are out of print because she’s been consumed by Wingfield – for four years! And yet I swear I have seen the Ferg all over the place in this time – berating the Mail’s Allison Pearson on TV, dating the Findus fish fingers proprietor who has just bought her a £130K car, etc etc. When did she find time to write as assiduously as the Worm?

“I am only this very day re-emerging in the world and must see if my family and friends even remember what I was like when I was around!” writes Laura. Anyone would think she’d just been released from captivity after abduction by the FARC. (FERG?)

I’m sure there must be a movie in it.

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