Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Rupert Everett - the penis (part 2)

Duncan Fallowell has furnished Arcati with this brooding image of Rupert Everett: experts in the field will have to advise on any similarity between the cock on display here and in the previous posting.

Do please continue to contribute to the death penalty debate.


Anonymous said...

unusual for Roman Catholics to be circumcised

Anonymous said...

Where's that waiter who damaged his tooth ? He seems to have been well acquainted with RE's cock and I'm sure he would be able to give us a definitive opinion.

The Tooth said...

Fair go Madame Arcati-it was many years ago but it does look indeed like Rupert's dick. Just as I had to set right a fantasy merchant who claimed on Pop Bitch he'd given Rupes a b/j in a South London gay pub and that he was "big & uncut"-you can clearly see that he is circumsized and as 'annonymous' says-something I found unusual at the time. I of course had many hours to study it at close quarters as we were in the basement of his parent's off- Kings Road house before he turfed me out to go off for fencing lessons or meet Nicky Haslam or something. But it appears in the pics to have shrunk somewhat as I can confirm he is above average size ( whatever that is). However Rupert was just a very tall skinny runt then and has done all that fabulous body building since so that could account for the illusion.
PS: I'm no longer a waiter but now work in the film industry.