Friday, July 11, 2008

Honfest, John Waters and a woman called Lois

John Waters and and a Lois blogstar

I recently visited Baltimore and among its delights was Honfest, an annual street celebration of all things Hairspray: I've never seen so many women determined to look like transexuals in their Edna specs, blonde beehives and pink apparel. Naturally I joined in and one day I may publish the pics.

This of course is the land of John Waters, director of the seminal 1988 Hairspray movie, starring Divine and Ricki Lake, though I prefer Waters' Pink Flamingos and Hag in a Black Leather Jacket.

Now a delightful woman in Baltimore called Lois has written to me - her blog offers a vibrant glimpse of this cultural phenomenon, Honfest; and it turns out Waters and Lois are acquainted. Here's her letter and links ...

Hi, Madame Arcati!

Sounds like you've just got a taste of what there is to know about Baltimore! If you'd like the full meal, come visit my blog: "Lois' Life as a Sitcom: The Baltimore Blogshow!"

I've got a GREAT picture of some "Hons" from this last Honfest, come see! And if you've not heard of Trixie Little & the Evil Hate Monkey, you really don't know nothin' 'bout Baltimore yet!

They're in my blog too, Episode 4: And some great pics up of some of my blogstars, including Trixie and Monkey (John Waters too); on my MySpace, come friend me!

Cheers! Lois.

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