Friday, July 25, 2008

The Screws, hubris and Max Mosley

On the day Max Mosley wins his "Nazi orgy" case against the News of the World and forces it to cough up £60k plus costs for invasion of his privacy, the paper publishes a most unfortunate ad in the Press Gazette. "Mosley's not the only one getting a spanking" the ad announces above the word "DOMINATION" stamped over the back of a tart in her dominatrix gear. The spanking is of the paper's pathetic tabloid rivals, not the one it received at the hands of Mosley: the ad would have gone to bed, as it were, before court judgement day. This must be one of the best examples of tabloid hubris I have ever come across - most delightful indeed. Of course editor Colin Myler will go shortly - blaming European laws for his spanking (a pathetic attempt to play up to his Euro-phobe boss Murdoch, 103) was most foolish as he effectively cast his paper as a LOSER against evolution.

I don't think that ad will be repeated somehow.

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