Friday, July 24, 2009

Tatler alert: The editor is starting to become tiresome

I hear Tatler is a vale of tears as new editor Catherine Ostler externalises her inner misery in order to harmonise the outer weather with it. Ambient misery is the perfect climate for those who dramatise the subjective. She was prone to peculiar behaviour at ES Magazine. One can only hope her Condé Nast boss Nicholas Coleridge will intervene before we have another Jane Procter situation. A magazine insider writes me:

"Currently Tiny Tears is being a total B!!!! and the staff are scared witless by her moods, lots of shouting and bullying. Will Saint Nicholas step in before the troops desert?"

Meantime, here's Tatler's ad rates:

Whole Page £10,500 £13,700
Outside Back Cover £20,500
Outside Back Cover Gatefold £62,000
Double Page Spread £21,000 £27,300
Inside Front Cover Spread £41,000
Inside Front Cover Gatefold £71,000
Half Page £6,100 £7,900
Quarter Page £3,100 £3,900


Anonymous said...

She has been around. Hadn't realised she was mental.

TatlerWatch said...

YOu will have noticed how "thin" it has become since Gorgeous Geordie jumped HMS Tatler. VF too, even the erudite Henry Porter can't stop luxe ads bailing. What's going to happen to our glossies MA?

Madame Arcati said...

I can't imagine Catherine has produced many issues yet. Monthlies work months ahead. I thought her appointment odd. I think Coleridge is starting to lose it. Once he's retired he can edit his goss diaries which will sell about 1543 copies. I hear Tatler turns you gay (or gayer).

Anonymous said...

Madame clubbin in Croatia?

The late Mark Boxer said...

What a wonderfully elegant posting, Madame. You speak in a language all your own but it's pleasing to the eye. Why don't you just say Ostler's a bullying cunt and should be given an enema?

Anonymous said...

"One can only hope her Condé Nast boss Nicholas Coleridge will intervene before we have another Jane Procter situation." Harder than it sounds, Madame: his right-hand man is Albert Read, whose other job is surviving marriage to Ostler.


Anonymous said...

I agree MA as it appears she is testing those fragile souls at Tat-laaah. Apparently though, since several appalling public performances, CN have sent her to "charm school" - would have loved to have seen Albert's face as he wrote the cheque for that one.
At least the bitch remains true to form; was she not sent to "anger management school" whilst at ES for throwing a chair through a window?
And now that she's brought the fridge-raider Annabel Rivkin into the fold the nicknames coming out of the office are hilarious - "little and large" is the politest...

Anonymous said...

Are we really suprised?

Alastair said...

Hell Tatler Watch how are you ? I do hope it doesn't become like the late Harpers and Queen and become just another fashion magazine. Is Me Greig the only Tatler editor to come from the same background as the people Tatler writes about ?