Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Molly Parkin biopic: 'When I disagreed, Molly bent me over and gave me an enema'

Robert Chilcott

The Molly Parkin biopic is well under way - I caught up with its young director Robert Chilcott to see how the project's coming along. And what it's like working with the legendary Moll...

Robert Chilcott! You're making the Molly Parkin biopic! Is it a big screen feature or TV flick? What's it called and has it a theme?

It’s a small film for a big screen. Its working title is, quite simply, Molly. We started out with the seven deadly sins – lust and gluttony ultimately prevail. Its themes are, I guess, sex and death. It’s a family film

And tell us where you are with it. You went to Cannes with the project in May - what happened?

The earth moved. We discovered the meaning of existence. There were orgies and satanic rituals every night. Sorry, the reality is this is a boring answer. We have a script. We have some interest from a French company, and from the Welsh. Someone else is sourcing the finance.

Did you visit the porno Hot d'Or fest? - usually that's on at the same time.

It is. But there was no need Рthe normal Cannes March̩ is sleazy and pornographic enough as it is, full of plenty of human cocks and cunts.

Did you write the script? What was it like working with Molly? Did you ever argue?

We went to various dive bars and cafes over several months. Molly acted out nostalgic scenes of sex, booze and psychological violence. I took notes. Arguing is a waste of energy. Every time I disagreed with something, Molly bent me over and gave me an enema (I think there may be a scene like that in the script). It was a perfect working relationship, very cleansing.

And Molly's granddaughter Carson is playing Molly. What's she like and tell us about other cast members.

Carson's screen test

We’ve done a screen test with Carson and she’s amazing, very natural, understated – perfect screen presence. We’ll probably use some current Soho flibbertigibbets for other supporting characters. Whoever’s right really, whether they’re professional actors or society dropouts – a mixture of both.

Is this your first movie? Tell us about you (I know you're from Wales but why do I want to say you're Spanish and call you Roberto?)

I’m from a little village called San Portablo, a peasant village at the bottom of a mountain. Molly is from the top – she’s the medicine woman that heals the afflicted. I’ve made some shorts. This is the first feature movie, yes.

Our eyes met across the Green Carnation bar (though Molly's turban blocked the view). Tell us the most shocking thing you saw or heard of at that pit of iniquity.

The price of the drinks.

How are you handling the sex? - in the film I mean. Molly's had a lot of that. Will this be like Von Trier's Afterlife with full-on humping? Will someone be playing Louis Armstrong and John Mortimer, among others?

I doubt we’ll have testicles bobbing in slow motion, but you never know. There’ll certainly be humping, but I guess it’s up to the actors whether they want to show their rods or twotties. It would have to be played straight.

There’s a scene in the early 80s where Molly is being spit-roasted by two public schoolboys in the back of a car. She takes a moment to squeeze cheese and has an accident – well you don’t need any close-ups or funny camera angles for that. You just show it. It needs no aesthetic embellishment. Some may find it amusing, others may be repulsed – it’s up to the audience to decide. Of course, that’s an extreme example.

There will some tender love scenes, of course. Armstrong and Mortimer are not in the current version of the script. Bo Diddly is in it. There are parties with the Studio 54 lot, an S&M party for Mommie Dearest with everyone dressed as Joan Crawford beating their daughters with coat hangers. Lots of famous people appear, many of them non-speaking parts, background scenery, so I guess we’ll have to contact Stars in their Eyes for lookalikes. The only person likely to play themselves would be you.

I'll talk with my agent, darling. Which in your view is the best film ever? Do you want to make a career in movies?

Filmmaking is not a career. It’s a distraction from real life, a last resort.

And finally, Roberto, if you were given $50m to make a movie once the Molly pic is out, what project would you do?

I’d buy an island, become a recluse and go feral. You don’t need $50 million to make a movie.

Robert, I wish you all the best with Molly, I just know it's going to be great. And I insist on doing a cameo: I could be some strange shadowy figure dressed in plaid, mounted on an old bike.


Anonymous said...

It's not listed on imdb.

veritas said...

wow-I can't wait for the premiere. It will have to be something special.

As an historical note.It was I and the late journalist Timothy Swallow who were responsible for starting a world-wide media frenzy about the Mommy Dearest (greatest film ever made)coat hanger beating scenes.

Just how many turbans does Molly have ? She's been wearing them forever.

Green Goddess said...

"it's not listed on imdb"
so it doesn't EXIST? YOU fucking pleb.
Brilliant i/v
He's rather dishy MA.

Madame Arcati said...

Warhol couldn't believe it when Faye Dunaway didn't even get an Oscar nom for Mommie - it's in his Diaries.

Yes, Roberto is dishy. For some reason I think he's Spanish, and I suspect he was plucked up by a passing vulture in the Catalan area and then dropped on Wales -his parents haven't told him yet. He used to spin the decks at the Green Carnation for the Parkin Lot which is no longer, alas.

Anonymous said...

Can't you get a clearer photo of Robert? I want to have his babies. Have you got his vital stats?

Madame Arcati said...

Certainly not, you hussy. Madame Arcati does not trade in tittle-tattle.

Cynthia Loop-Cumshot said...

As I am a newbie to the charms of Madame Arcati and her blog, the following snippet may already be known but I'll plough on regardless anyway: the name Molly is the 14th century name for a prostitute, and Molly Houses used to line the streets leading off Fleet Street, often incorporated above taverns. Catamite houses, where young rent boys were available, usually had their own street or occasionally were found as the last house on whore's alley. Before the Hugenots came over in the 16th century, fleeing from persecution in France, the area round Smithfields was THE red light district of London (and had been since Roman times) but the Hugenots drove the 'mollies' up West to Covent Garden. Shakespeare often frequented such places on Turnmill Street and even has Falstaff popping into a disreptable tavern on said street. Although Aldersgate Street (where Barbican station is situated) was renamed from Gropecuntelane by the Victorians (there were 17 Gropecuntelanes in pre-Victorian England), Love Lane and Cock Lane remain to this day in Smithfields, probably because people have mistaken the origin of their names. However, Pissing Alley is now Passing Alley. Mollies were a familiar sight on the streets, lifting up their skirts to show their wares while shouting "No money, no cunny!". If you would like to know more of the sort of stuff they leave out of school history books, do let me know. While I realise the last decade has seen several books published delving into these previously ignored aspects of our past, not every grubby little stone has been upturned. Peter Acroyd, that rotund lisping old queen, would have been lost without the exhaustively comprehensive tomes written by the conveniently dead EJ Burford. I love educating Madame A's readers in the lascivious ways of days gone by, especially that dried-up stuck-up old cock-cunt tease, the anonymous Ox who could do with a good schtupping of one sort or the other.

Anonymous said...

When he talks about disagreeing with Molly and taking that enema, somehow the way he says it was a very cleansing relationship makes me think he started looking for excuses to argue with her... just to get worries off his... mind, I mean.

I think I'm beyond the chance to make babies for him, but we can always adopt... Although if he gets his hands on those $50m *we* should just forget about human babies and go for something easy to raise. I'm sure *we* could make homeless kittens and puppies very happy in that deserted (?) island.
Another hussy.

Anonymous said...

I should also have mentioned the interview is brilliant, sorry. Isn't it terrible to come to expect nothing less from you and just stop giving you thumps up? (I'm appalled at my own ingrate gesture). I'm not taking you for granted; I'd never do that, darling.

Madame Arcati said...

Thank you, ox that's very sweet.

I shall have to pass on all these baby requests to Roberto.

Anonymous said...

look at this madame arcati. it's your little friend again!, n'est pas?

Anonymous said...

Why was Farah Damji in court again (so said the Standard)?

Anonymous said...

Awww, look, surprise! Doris... I mean, Gladys left a little note for me. She wants to educate me. I'll have to pass on your offer Ms. Cumshot; if I were interested in learning name calling and finding epithets all I need to do is fetch a thesaurus.

Something tells me no one else is interested in your story either (you posted your offer three days ago and it has been rather quiet since). It may have to do with the fact that MA is already taking care of the matters you so want to illuminate us about (more efficiently and in a more engaging way, if I may add). You see Ms. Cumshot, if you weren't such a self-centred prat (see? I can do it too), you would have, at least out of elemental courtesy, clicked on Molly Parkin's label to show a bit of interest on the subject at hand (she is very interesting - something you're NOT; you should make it a point to read the interviews MA has made, to learn a bit about her even if you have no intention to buy any of her books or paintings) and you would have learned that MA brought up the subject on Molly houses not very long ago in the occasion of Molly organizing a weekly night at the Green Carnation. Notice we got just enough information and if we want more we can find it elsewhere.

It seems to me Ms. Cumshot, in light of you being so eager to show your bitterness and resentment, that the one who is dried up and in serious need of a schlong is you. I knew what you were asking for, but if you want more you'll have to come up with more interesting ways of getting it... Gladys...

*sigh* MA darling, I really hope the numbers are worth the crowd your tweeter account is bringing in...

Anonymous said...

On a lighter note, MA darling: thanks for pimping for us and getting a clearer shot of Robert Chilcott (You softie you); he looks younger. Congratulations to whoever took the other picture, though; I found it very interesting with all the shadows, light on his eyes and what not. He does have beautiful puppy eyes.

I would also like to add that Carson is a very attractive young lady and she does look a lot like her grandmother. I hope for her this role is the beginning of a very successful career on the big screen. Much success!

Madame Arcati said...

Hi Green Goddess, happy to put up new message provided we lose the name mentioned. Thanks

Madame Arcati said...

Dear ox, I'm sure Roberto will be in touch. Some how.

Green Goddess said...

No. Fuck them. Am not going to deign it with a response, do youknow I had paparazzi outside Blackfriars Crown Court the other day? Such fun to be so notorious...

Pink Goddess said...

Not so much fun for the people being scammed!