Friday, July 31, 2009

Madame Arcati (and Molly Parkin) in Croatia

Next week I'll be posting from Croatia as part of the Molly Parkin circus. She's in Split for her art auction/exhibition, media appearances, a night or two hosting the Parkin Lot with daughter Sophie and granddaughter Carson at the city's artsy Ghetto Club (a Madame Arcati night is also on the schedule, date tbc) and other things besides.

A recent TV interview Moll gave for Croatian TV caused a sensation over the sexual anecdotage: see my interviews part 1 and part 2 for a clue why.

In a past life I was an ancient Roman general (a reincarnationist medium told me), so this video on Split appeals to me.

And for reasons I don't understand, my mind turns to my massage in Israel. Will they like this at the Ghetto?


Anonymous said...

You're turning into such a tart.

Sooter`s Slave said...

Make sure you drink plenty of (bottled) water my dear , we don`t want you coming over all queer now, do we?

Enjoy Croatia, so cultural. Am soooo envious.

veritas said...

I'm so looking forward to your reports on Croatia. I've a feeling it's incredibly smart in that run-down sort of way and I'm sure the locals will be a treat. I do hope you mingle. I believe the actor John Markovich has purchased a house there !

Interesting to hear you were a Roman general in a past life especially with the Israel connection. I was once a Jewish rebel around the same time.i wouldn't be surprised if it was you who ordered my execution.

Green Goddess said...

Have a brilliant time MA Darling.

Madame Arcati said...

Dear Veritas, I dread to think I ordered your execution. If unjustly then I am doomed to tbe th4e slave of your revenge strategies. Honestly, I don't see myself in a plumed helmet. Simply doesn't go with my eyebrows.

Dear Sooter's Slave, make sure Sooter is ready for September. I have experiments to conduct.

Dear Green Goddess, thank you sweetpea. And thank you for sending on that email. Anyone would think I sent it out myself. x

The late Nigel Dempster said...

I didn't realise Molly Parkin is engaged to Farah Damji. Now there's a story.

Anonymous said...

I went to the Carmel Mtn Spa in Israel too. Totally agree with you. Love your massage experience. I am booked for the whole of this Xmas and NY.

veritas said...

I feel deprived having not known Madame in '07 or I would have read her thesis on the restorative qualities on massage.

The main reason I frequently travel to Thailand is for a daily massage- not for the 'happy ending' always promised with a handsome young Thai lad or lady but for their wondorous and famous foot massages.I simply skip out of the massage parlour and I agree-massages should be a requirement on any nationalised health system.(Obama-please take note.)

I've since discovered that Chinese massage is somewhat superior but does Madame know something I don't ?. Are Dalmations noted for their nimble fingers. ?

This also re-inforces my view that Madame and I are surely linked in past lives and despite her denial of plumed helmets & such-that it was she/he who ordered large nails be hammered into my feet many lives ago. This is re-inforced by a childhood accident when as a lad of 7 both my feet were impaled by 6 inch nails and my brave but meek Scots father had to wrench the nails from my impaled feet-the ambulance officers terrified of legal implications if they did it .

But a halo appeared above his head and it was then I began to believe in angels and psychics or anyway-people who are mediums in the guise of bloggers.

Since then I've always had an obsession with feet.

But enough about me-please ensure video and photos are taken of Molly's triumphant appearance in Croatia.

Madame Arcati said...

I am intrigued that my past life crucifixion of you has led to your peculiar interest in feet, Veritas. Anything's possible I suppose. I was also told that in the 18th C I was a French dandy who died of opium addicton. This might explain my curious aversion to drugs in this incarnation. Or may be not.

Dalmation massage is a complete mystery to me. My hope is to find an English-speaking clairvoyante in Split. Atheists don't know what they're missing.

Anonymous said...

Your massage in Israel item is the kinkiest thing I ever read, you filthy old pensioner. Ever thought of writing a porn novel?

Anonymous said...

What on earth is Sooter's Slave?

Green Goddess said...

Oh God. Here we go again.
Yes, I am engaged to Molly Parkin. And we have crazy girl on girl brown on white pensioner sex.
Yes, I sent that e mail to myself ( and MA) allegedly outing her ( and therefore me)
And yes, to anything and everything else you want? Just for a little P-E-A-C-E?