Monday, August 03, 2009

Croatia: The Pulp secret of Molly Parkin's film director

I recently interviewed film director Robert Chilcott who's making the Molly Parkin biopic and is currently with her in Split, Croatia, for a Molly fly-on-the-wall doc, among other things. Following our chat - which embraced Molly's enema punishments - a number of you expressed a desire to rent your womb out to him so I thought you might be interested in seeing him in a another guise, sending up Jarvis Cocker and his band Pulp. He was a fragile 24 when he did this. I took against self-important Cocker after he stormed Michael Jackson's Earth Song set at the Brit Awards: I can still see Cocker's hideous daddy-long-legs limbs flying all over the place: I would have shot him dead had I a gun at that moment. Fortunately we're both alive to watch this show. Meantime Arcati's arrival is awaited.

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veritas said...

ohhh he was rather cute wasn't he.Yes we are all awaiting Madame's arrival and Croatian reports,

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