Sunday, August 09, 2009

Molly Parkin and Arcati in Croatia: Photo Album

A selection of pics from Croatia all by Madame Arcati. See guide index below. Click each image once for full size.
















Index: click each image once for full size
1 Ghetto femme
2 Ghetto homme
3 One of Ghetto's bars
4 Ghetto: Molly intros Madame Arcati night
5 Ghetto staffer: Would you Adame & Eve it? Monika of the club shows MA her etchings
6 Sophie Parkin with mother at Le Méridien Hotel, just outside Split
7 At Split Harbour: Gypsy brass band Kočani Orkestar greets Moll (band pics in post above). Ghetto's Sonya in shades peering at me. Fly-on-the-wall Robert Chilcott films Moll embracing a member of her public
8 Professor S with Moll on ferry to Brač before the "misunderstanding"
9 Meanwhile back at Ghetto: an angelic 'tache
10 "Falling In Love Again": One of a number of new erotic paintings by Molly Parkin at the Ghetto Gallery, Split
11 "Honeymoon" by Molly Parkin. At Ghetto Gallery, Split
12 Ghetto: Rose - our fave bar mixologist
13 Ghetto: l-r: Monika, Rose, Sonya (NB red kerchief) and friend Lilly
14 Ghetto: Molly becomes part of interior furnishings (or vice versa?)
15 Ghetto: Arcati night clubbers. Man in background owns island in Australia
16 And finally for now: my marina view from my room at Le Méridien


veritas said...

I don't like to be picky but I can't see that bloody Gypsy band in any photograph!

Which island does that Aussie own ?. Tasmania ?

Madame Arcati said...

I have pics of the gypsy band and will put up one or two sometime soon. They're very cute.

He didn't say which island he owns. Perhaps it's an Aussie pick-up line.

Madame Arcati said...

I've put up pics of the gypsy band on the Croatian professor posting above this. I wish I could recall their name. Anyone help me out?

Anonymous said...

The more I watch # 14 the more I like it and the more I want to look at it. True sign of it being an art piece in itself.

forgotten ones fund/stephmastini said...

wonderful "Molly" art....kudos! I congratulate her on her success...wish I could have attended that event... it projected a wonderful aura; it seemed..I love your art Molly...
your artist friend
you are inspirational...