Sunday, August 16, 2009

Candy Pratts Price: How Gord could get back in FASHahhn

CPP © Dimitrios Kambouris/ executive fashion director Candy Pratts Price (CPP) easily steals the show in the US Vogue movie doc The September Issue, out shortly, in which she stakes her claim for immortality with a one-liner: "SepTEMburr is the JANuahhry in FASHahhn". The way this Puerto Rican drawls and croaks out the dictum with the oddest basso cantate diction is one of many unintentionally comic moments, so much so, you can now download it as a ringtone (click arrow on Myxer to listen).

Candy (or Candida Rose Theresa Pratts Price) also appears in cartoon form in her periodic Candycasts on the site, laying down the law on such matters as eco-pod coffins (or "echo-pod" as she puts it. "Don't pollute, just bury correctly") and playing dominoes on Sunday (but not in Alabama). The Anna Wintourised stick insect 'toon-Candy bears little resemblance to the living-breathing irregular Candy, beyond her dark colouring; and the graphic version has the weirdest crossed arms: stretched out she'd be able to balance on them without stooping.

I just love CPP. And her animated form should be an inspiration to others who in the flesh may also not look entirely the part. Gordon Brown should think about joining the Bugs Bunny tribe and turning himself into a 'toon for his YouTube performances. He'd lose the eyebags, the alarm smiles, the intake-of-breath mouth movements: he could be made to be cute and sexy. I can't help but feel that this bold act of imagination could reverse his fortunes. Possibly. Think CPP, Gord.

CPP 'toon show

A celebration of CPP


Anonymous said...

Surely the best effect of her accent in the movie is to transform "Anna" into "Honour", as in "Honour says we should..."

(At least, I assume it's her accent doing that...?)

Madame Arcati said...

A wonderful noticing, "Honour Wintour", or is it "WintOIRE" or "WintWAHH". I'm afraid Anna's starting to grow on me. Like a melanoma.

Anonymous said...

"I'm afraid Anna's starting to grow on me"

Good grief! That has got to be some kind of mental phenomena like the Helsinki Syndrome; poor dear. Maybe CPP does call her 'Honour' because she has secretly made up a contraction nick name for her like LiLo or J-Lo: ANNa WintOUR.

Candy's adorable though, MA darling; her podcasts are a riot! It's a shame they are so few; I could easily get addicted. I don't go that much into except for when I'm looking for information on a designer or something, so I never heard of her, but she seems like lots of fun and, really, the only thing in her cartoon that resembles her is the eyes (maybe) and hair colour, but I don't know why they bother with it; the real her is far more interesting - maybe they made a cartoon not to take away the viewer's attention from the images they show on the side.

She has a lot of the same special spark than Isabella Blow (before she lost the will to live) and Diana Vreeland had, each in their own right and style. I wonder if there's any hope CPP can push AnnOur out the Editor seat; there may be light after that twentysomething year dark tunnel.

But "Don't pollute, just bury correctly"

cpp_lover said...

my friend and i have this weird obsession with cpp. i think it's her accent and raspy voice that got us hooked to the point of immitating her on this youtube video:

"september is the january of fa-ashuhn"