Thursday, January 20, 2011

Molly Parkin erotic novels reissued as ebooks - no need for blushes then

All ten of Molly Parkin's erotic novels will be republished first and exclusively as ebooks by Beautiful Books - starting February 3 with three titles:  Full Up, Love All and Up Tight.

This will please those who would otherwise conceal a titillating Parkin print version behind a copy of The God Delusion or some other comforting work of the dead.

For a flavour of Moll's life research, read a Daily Mail extract from her memoirs Welcome to Mollywood.

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Erotic Books said...

That's great news!I love Parkin's work, but I tend to read mainly on my commute so I'm hesitant to read something really steamy... ebooks mean it's just more text on my Kindle!