Friday, September 19, 2008

Happy birthdays to Karl (75), Duncan

Karl, 75, with Jr

Where are my manners? I forgot to wish Karl Lagerfeld a happy 75th (yes, that's his actual age - not 70; Sept 10 - a Virgo: odd, detail attentive, mercurial). And on Sept 26 Duncan Fallowell celebrates a significant birthday as an airy Libran. Madame Arcati showers these gifted souls with all her good wishes.

PS: I forgot to say, Karl is seventy-five


Fish Inton said...

Let us not forget Nicky, 69 on 27th Sept!

Anonymous said...

Herr Lagerfeld says he's 70 but Madame - and any camera - knows better. How old is Mister Fallowell then?

Anonymous said...

what sign was Librace?

Madame Arcati said...

A taurean dearie