Friday, September 12, 2008

Rav Singh departs the Screws

Rav Singh is departing the News of the World's showbiz world and Dan Wootton is taking over. How Rav got away with it for so many years is a mystery to me.


Five-Centres said...

I once went on a job with Rav. He was utterly clueless. He asked the star we were interviewing the most absurd questions, and he can't write for toffee either.

Madame Arcati said...

Did you notice how my story went up before MediaGuardian's? Aren't you impressed? Other Rav goss most appreciated. He looks quite pretty in his pic byline but I suppose he's a frazzled 56 yr old with electric white hair like Keith Waterhouse's. Hacks just mislead us all the time, don't they, sweeties?

Anonymous said...

Journalism is the most despicable occupation known man, or woman. Oh and I've personally witnessed Rav taking it up ... [censored]