Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dylan Jones thinks he's Guy Ritchie

GQ editor Dylan Jones says he knows “what Guy Ritchie feels like” after the critical mauling of his execrable Cameron On Cameron book homage to Tory leader David "smug chops" Cameron – quite why a successful journalist must persist in acting the Baldrick to every brand Blackadder is beyond my understanding.

But wait a minute. Ritchie’s new movie RocknRolla is the UK’s top film right now. It’s true the old fusty revanants of “Fleet Street” hated the film but that’s because they didn’t really watch it in their unlaundered clobber: they just sat in the screening room gloom rehearsing smart put-downs. But the cool media like Heat and a hundred others loved it. Are we to believe that the achingly voguish Jones only reads farty British national newspapers in assessing what’s hot or not between shit plop 1 and shit plop 2?

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