Monday, September 15, 2008

Cosmo Landesman and particle physics

I am soooo sorry to hear that the dashing Sunday Times film critic Cosmo Landesman, 52, has had to move back in with mummy and daddy after one row too many with yet another one of his wives. But Cosmo is predisposed to a certain volatility, one suspects. He has already managed to knock his 80-year-old mother to the ground by throwing a featherlight cushion at her - an appalling accident of course. Thank goodness the pillow wasn't a Swan automatic teasmade or a Linda Barker sofa - but I mustn't do that Sunday Times thing of spinning a tale. Only recently he entered one of the Soho Screening rooms and appeared to have a contretemps with a chair, and then muttered to himself for a while. And today at a Tropic Thunder screening (patchy film) at the Odeon Leicester Square, he circumnavigated the huge auditorium twice in the style of a particle rushing around the Large Hadron Collider. Happily, on this occasion, there was no collision and pacifically he found a seat among the 800 or so vacant.

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