Thursday, January 22, 2009

American Vogue - free advertising at Sundance and beyond

Anna Wintour has triumphantly pulled off a great wheeze and got her title American Vogue potentially millions of pounds of free global advertising. Director RJ Cutler, a corpulent bearded creep by the looks of him, has made fly-on-the-wall docu-movie The September Issue - showcased at Sundance - which records the making of the mag's largest issue of the year. Apparently her legendary 70-something fashion director Grace Coddington steals the show and even threatened to resign if the film went ahead. A likely tale. Just imagine - Wintour on movie hoardings like a film star!

Incidentally, it's OK to swig water from a bottle in public - Anna does.


Anonymous said...

I masturbate over Anna wintour every night

Benjamina Horsley-Hellen said...

Zzz ... I'd love to sleep with Anna but I'm a practising homo, si I'd zzz.

Zzzippertydoodah said...

Zzz, OK I'm trying to tell you what to write about but as a lazy cint myself who spends half my life fucking the other half moping, I'd rather zzz when I'm not reading Madame Arcati.